$1,100,000 in Grants Awarded for Senior Dogs!

Grey Muzzle just awarded a record-breaking $1.1 million in lifesaving grants to 100 animal welfare groups nationwide and, for the first time, Nepal!
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Our Mission

Helping Senior Dogs Thrive Nationwide Since 2008

Who We Are

The Grey Muzzle Organization is the largest national nonprofit organization focused specifically on the well-being of senior dogs. 

What We Do

Our grants fund programs such as medical and dental care, adoptions, hospice, and other lifesaving efforts to help older dogs. 

Who We Help

We save and improve the lives of at-risk senior dogs by providing funding and resources to animal welfare groups nationwide.

Dogs We Remember

Always in My Heart

Our supporters celebrate cherished pets by making a special Grey Muzzle Memorial donation.
dog laying down
Vicki and Karen
In memory of sweet Hershey Pup who brought endless joy and unconditional love to her people, Mark ...
brown and white dog
Monroe, Moe, Monroses, you were the embodiment of unconditional love and loyalty. You gave your ...
grey dog with tongue out
Sweet Rocky was a beloved companion to his favorite human, Karen, who rescued him about 8 years ago ...
white dog with brown ears
Sarah and Rose
This donation is in memory of sweet Luce who lived a long and wonderful life with Bonnie and Amy ...
fluffy dog under a Christmas tree
Adam & April
Adopted sight unseen in 2020 at 12 years old to give her a peaceful way to ride out her senior dog ...
brown dog laying down
Connie & Mark Spasser
Percy was the special dog of two special people. There was no such thing as a stranger to Percy, who ...
small white dog curled up with Lamb Chop toy
Sarah and Rose
This donation is in honor of the tiny but mighty Bucky. He was lucky enough to live many loving ...
black dog
The Grover Family
In loving memory of our dearest Simba. You showered us with love and affection your entire life ...
brown chihuahua-type dog
Jen & Rob
Linus was part of our family for many years. We called him our little fox because of his looks and ...
golden retriever on rock
Jenny and Tyler Dingus
Sweet Nola who loved her family and her treats. Who gave the best greetings and company. Who will be ...
scruffy white dog
Lupin, a tiny but fierce pup, left us yesterday (4/8/24). His paws has touched many hearts. Being ...
black fluffy dog looking up at the camera
Leslie, Abby, & Fred
Mambo was adopted as a 1 year old and gave us 15 additional years of love and companionship. He was ...
brown dog sitting on grey couch
With love and support for Brad, Megan & Jack. Ruby loved and is loved. She had a wonderful life and ...
brown dog outside
In support of Shay and Debbie, in loving memory of Ike. You all are family to me, and I will miss my ...
black dog smiling in car
For Sareena: In loving memory of Max, "macky boy," good old faithful who will never be forgotten. We ...
beige and white beagle
Lemon was adopted in early 2021 by my parents. While she was with my parents the shortest amount of ...
white and brown collie
Michelle Larson
“Everything I know I learned from dogs.” – Nora Roberts Spokane was your world, and you were hers ...
yorkie on the beach
Laura Wheaton
Oliver was loved fiercely by his mommy for all of his 17 years and he brought joy to so many. He was ...
Sophie & Daisy
Bill & Nancy Rice
for Bill Rice’s birthday, in honor of precious family members Daisy & Sophie
black and grey dog with blanket
Vicki and Karen
In loving memory of Shadow who brought much love and joy to his family.
dog with Santa hat
Ashley Ackley
For Sara Wolcott: “These is no greater earthly privilege than to have been loved by a dog.“ In ...
dog on the beach wearing green shirt
Ashley Ackley
For Jessie Laney: “That they don’t live all of the days of our lives is so far the only fault I have ...
woman with 2 german shepherds in woods
Sasha and Bear
Remembering the wonderful lives that Sasha and Bear shared with Stella and Gary--all the happy days ...
husky with red bow and twinkle filter
Friends of Barb Cannon and Maddy
In support of Barb Cannon and in loving memory of Maddy
brown dog with grey muzzle and bandana
Daisy Mae
Tom & Laura
In memory of Daisy Mae. She loved Christmas lights, supervising our work and exercise, and going for ...
two dogs in the snow with jackets on
Daisy Mae and Kiah
Sarah Asadorian and Rose Paylor
This donation was made in memory of Daisy and Kiah who both were fortunate enough to live into their ...
black and grey dog on the grass
Grammy Truly Scrumptious
Irene Fluker
Truly was Amy's best friend for the last 15 years. They shared everything together; laughter, tears ...
small grey poodle on blue blanket
Anita Berwanger
In loving memory of Itzi, the off-roader! Who loved exploring native habitats with her Mom and Dad.
black dog with graduation hat and sash
Amanda Hartman
In memory of the best friend a historian could ever ask for: a girl who loved her family and ...
dog on the beach with sun glare
In memory of the wonderful life that Lindsay and Kobe shared.
brown and black dog laying down
Jennie Q
In memory of a wonderful dog and a life well lived! Sweet dreams Hobeaux!
tan dog with pointy ears
Barry & Julie Dudley
For Gaynor's most beloved baby girl, Daphne. She was always by Gaynor's side.
white dog on brown leather couch
15 years of furry fun and lots of love. He was small, but he had a big heart. He will forever be ...
brown dog
Lucky LuLu Williams
Julie & David Delorme
This gift is in memory of Lucky LuLu Williams. Lucky was rescued as a puppy by our friend Melissa ...
black dog with grey muzzle
Bluestein Wealth Management
In Memory of Kathy and David's beloved dog, Chapelle
black dog with grey muzzle
Vicki and Karen
Faithful companion to Jody and Kerri; soulmate to Keystone. You found in them your forever home ...
tan old dog
Suzie, this is for your parents who honored me by sharing you with me!!! They entrusted me helping ...
Dogs You've Helped

Meet the Dogs

Meet some of the senior dogs helped by The Grey Muzzle Organization. Your support made their second chances possible!
Sweet senior hound Sherman arrived at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville, NC with an unknown ...
11 YRS
Emely, an 11-year-old Chipoo, was brought to Mercy Crusade in Oxnard, CA when she developed a ...
13 YRS
Mia is a 13-year-old Chihuahua who is adored by her mom. She is a sweet, happy senior girl, but her ...
beagle with green ball
Hollis, a 7-year-old Beagle, was surrendered to Animal Rescue, Inc. when his owner's health began to ...
black lab outside
When Sophie, a 9-year-old lab mix, arrived at Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA) it was discovered ...
black dog looking left
Summer, an 8-year old hound mix, was seen wandering in Kaloko on the west side of the Big Island of ...
beige lab dog
13 YRS
When 13-year-old Hazel was surrendered to the shelter in June, she was severely overweight and ...
beige dog looking at camera
Senior girl Roxie was a stray who found herself in an overcrowded shelter in North Carolina. Petey ...
Yorkie in a tattooed hand
14 YRS
Carly's owners recently noticed that she wasn't her usual happy self. She was lethargic and not ...
black dog laying on bed in front of flowers
Rudy, an eight-year-old Mini Dachshund, took a bad tumble off the couch earlier this fall. He was ...
brown and white pit bull
11 YRS
Buddy came to the Humane Society of North Texas as an abandoned stray who was severely malnourished ...
15 YRS
Robbie adopted Gigi many years ago and trained her as a service animal. Robbie suffers from sleep ...
When 9-year-old Katie arrived at Gold Ribbon Rescue, she received full dental x-rays and a ...
dog and man
"Our Grey Muzzle grant made it easy for us to quickly respond when one of our local shelters reached ...
two dogs in a car
Bert & Ernie
Senior bonded beagles Bert and Ernie were found wandering alone as strays. These best friends were ...
man and dog embracing
Noel reached out to MSPCA-Angell's community outreach coordinator for assistance in getting Maruka ...
dog with flower lei
All senior adoptions are something to celebrate, but it's extra special when "long-timers" like ...
dog in the car
At 13 years old, Hoss was surrendered when his family had a new baby. He was heartbroken emotionally ...
black and white pup with blue bandana
Ty was surrendered to Austin Humane Society with a significant mass, causing him great discomfort ...

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Disaster Preparedness for Senior Pets

July 17th, 2024 @ 12:00pm EDT
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Know Your Dog's True Nature - Understanding Canine Personality through the Five Elements

August 21st, 2024 @ 12:00pm EDT

Healthy Aging: Addressing Obesity in Senior Dogs

September 18th, 2024 @ 12:00pm EDT

Celebration: The Antidote for Anticipatory Grief

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