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    Meet The Dogs

    8 YRS

    How Grey Muzzle Helped
    Medical grant

    Rudy, an eight-year-old Mini Dachshund, took a bad tumble off the couch earlier this fall. He was having trouble getting around the house and was reluctant to go for his usual walks. His loving owner was very worried but was on medical leave herself and couldn't afford an expensive emergency evaluation.

    Sweet Rudy is her constant companion and has helped her through a difficult life chapter, so it was very tough to see him struggling and in pain. Luckily, she was referred to the FACE Foundation by an emergency veterinarian.

    With funding received through their Grey Muzzle grant, FACE was able to step in and help Rudy. He promptly received an MRI, which confirmed that he would need back surgery. Following the procedure, Rudy felt MUCH better, and his doting mom was able to bring him home to recover over the holidays!

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