Here’s what Faithful Friends’ monthly donations can do:


  • 50¢ per day ($15/month) can provide a senior dog with life-saving heartworm treatment.
  • $1 per day ($30/month) can provide orthopedic beds for 7 senior dogs who are awaiting loving homes in shelters nationwide.
  • $2 per day ($60/month) can provide subsidized veterinary care to 5 senior dogs, keeping families together.  
  • $2.50 per day ($75/month) can provide loving homes for 30 senior dogs through a Senior to Senior adoption program.
  • $3.33 per day ($100/month) can support the development of a lifesaving hospice program to ensure old dogs receive the comfort, care, and love they deserve in their final days.

The Grey Muzzle Organization
14460 Falls of Neuse Road
Suite 149-269
Raleigh, NC 27614
Phone: (919) 529-0309

Thank you for helping old dogs all year long! If you have any questions about Faithful Friends' monthly donation program, please contact us.