This page is dedicated to the Grey Muzzle Always In My Heart donors who celebrate the pets they have cherished by making a special gift in their memory. 

Learn how to make an 'Always in My Heart' donation of $30 or more to support senior dogs in need nationwide.

black fluffy dog looking up at the camera


Leslie, Abby, & Fred
Mambo was adopted as a 1 year old and gave us 15 additional years of love and companionship. He was the Goodest of the Good Boys and he will be missed dearly forever.
brown dog sitting on grey couch


With love and support for Brad, Megan & Jack. Ruby loved and is loved. She had a wonderful life and shared it with many people and animals. There’s too much to say… she will be missed forever.
brown dog outside


In support of Shay and Debbie, in loving memory of Ike. You all are family to me, and I will miss my large, affectionate honorary “nephew.”
black dog smiling in car


For Sareena: In loving memory of Max, "macky boy," good old faithful who will never be forgotten. We love you. Cheers to all the senior pups around the world.