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    Meet The Dogs

    14 YRS

    How Grey Muzzle Helped
    Medical grant

    Carly's owners recently noticed that she wasn't her usual happy self. She was lethargic and not interested in eating. Concerned, they took 14-year-old Carly to their local ER, where she was diagnosed with a terrible infection. Carly needed life-saving emergency surgery, but the estimated cost was overwhelming to her loving family.

    They were referred to Animal Fix Clinic, an organization with extensive experience operating on senior dogs for a variety of conditions. AFC's core mission is to provide exemplary care to their patients regardless of owner or caretaker finances. A Grey Muzzle Grant helps them provide life-saving medical care for senior dogs whose owners may not be able to afford it otherwise.

    Anesthesia can be tricky with older pups, but Carly did great and her surgery was a huge success! While she was in the hospital, AFC gave her their signature "tune-up", updating all of her vaccines, trimming her nails, and cleaning her ears and fur. When Carly woke up, she was a whole new dog!

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