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Donate a Bed

Beds for Senior Dogs

The Grey Muzzle Organization maintains a fund to provide orthopedic beds to old dogs who are living in shelters.

Donate a Bed We regret that this link leads to an inaccessible third party page. Please contact us for assistance.

Safe Animal Shelter of Orange Park (SAFE) in Middleburg, FL, recently received beds from Grey Muzzle. Volunteer Melinda M. wrote to say: “I'd like to express our sincere appreciation for the two Kuranda cots and orthopedic pads we received recently.  Our volunteers had great fun getting the cots ready for use and watching them be enjoyed. Honey, pictured here, loves her new bed! Honey, considered SAFE’s “official greeter,” has earned a special place in all of our hearts. She meets everyone at the door with a tail wag and a smile. Honey’s bed is in the executive director’s office, and she often spends the night with members of the office staff. Thank you, Grey Muzzle!”

The bed fund is made possible through your donations. And because you are donating to the fund rather than purchasing the bed yourself, your donation is tax deductible. 

With your help, we have donated over $75,000 worth of orthopedic beds to hundreds of shelters across the country.
Your donation helps to expand this program to more shelters. Concrete floors in shelters are particularly uncomfortable for older dogs. Orthopedic beds can help old dogs get adopted. Old dogs lying on concrete floors or even just blankets on a hard floor may limp when they get up to greet people, which can make them less appealing to a potential adopter. 

Donate a Bed

In just a few clicks you can donate a bed to senior dogs in need.

Donate a Bed We regret that this link leads to an inaccessible third party page. Please contact us for assistance.

Grey Muzzle receives manufacturer discounts on all beds. Whenever possible, we save money by buying in volume or during sales and only buy beds that are durable, comfortable, and therapeutic for seniors.

Want to make your bed donation a gift in someone's honor? Just give us all the information on our Donate Page and we'll send an email to your recipient of choice letting them know.

Donations are secured by PayPal, with the option to donate with a credit card.
Grey Muzzle is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations to the Bed Fund are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Apply for Beds

We welcome your application to receive beds from The Grey Muzzle Organization, if you meet this criteria:

  • You are a registered non-profit or government-run animal shelter and beds will benefit dogs living in a kennel environment
  • You take in senior dogs and support senior dog rescues through your programs
  • You will use the bed(s) for your seniors and are willing to provide us with a picture of a senior dog using the bed and some info about the dog.

We believe that when seniors are comfortable, they show better in a shelter and potential adopters respond more positively to a dog curled up in a bed.

If your organization fits the criteria above, please complete this brief application form to apply for a bed.

We would be happy to provide you with one to two beds, providing funds are available.