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The Grey Muzzle Organization provides funding for senior dog programs nationwide. Here you'll find a list of the organizations that have received Grey Muzzle funding. Please contact these organizations if you are considering adopting a senior dog, fostering, or volunteering.

Grey Muzzle Grant Recipients

Grant recipients include:

Bob’s House for Dogs

Funded from 2015-2016

How we help

Funding from The Grey Muzzle Organization will help with their “The Chew on This” program. Senior dogs often arrive at shelters and rescues with severe dental issues.  As Bob’s House for Dogs receives these seniors to foster, the dental issues are evaluated and addressed which, in turn, makes the seniors more attractive to prospective adopters as possible costly medical procedures are eliminated. 

About Bob’s House for Dogs

Bob’s House for Dogs:  From kennel to couch, where love doesn’t have an age limit.
The main goal at Bob’s House for Dogs is to make senior dogs more adoptable.  They provide foster care to senior and special-needs dogs in a kennel-free, home-like environment.  The dogs in their care receive loving attention, high-quality food and meticulous health care.  They provide end-of-life care to dogs with terminal illness or advanced age, making them comfortable as they pass on.  They give back to the community through a number of programs, reaching out to the elderly and children. 

Learn more about Bob’s House for Dogs

Bound Fur Life Foundation

Funded in 2016

How we help

Funding from Grey Muzzle provides dog training sessions, pet food assistance, and veterinary care financial assistance.  The goal is to encourage pet owners not to relinquish their pet to the local animal shelter. Often, surrendering a pet is a last resort when there is no other option. Bound Fur Life provides an option and wants to see the pets remain with their owner.

About Bound Fur Life Foundation

The Bound Fur Life Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization established to keep pets with their owners through dog training sessions, pet food assistance, and veterinary care financial assistance programs.

Learn more about Bound Fur Life Foundation
Brown dog with curly hair sitting in a car. Remy

Boykin Spaniel Rescue

Funded in 2017

How we help

Funding from Grey Muzzle will help to support Boykin Spaniel Rescue's new program, "Behavior Therapy & Rehabilitation for Boykin Spaniel Sassy Seniors". BSR is experiencing more dogs with socialization and emotional problems, manifesting in behavioral issues that need to be addressed. With only a limited number of "experienced" fosters capable to take in a permanent charge, this program will specifically work to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome these at-risk, purebred, Boykin Spaniels.

The Sassy Seniors program will provide educational support and advocacy for those who support senior dogs.These funds make sure that every Boykin Spaniel that needs medical or emotional assistance receives that help and then is placed in a forever home.

About Boykin Spaniel Rescue

Boykin Spaniel Rescue, Inc. was founded in 2000. Since that time, the Organization has grown to over 300 volunteers in the US. They have one, part-time, administrator; all other aspects of BSR is done through our network of volunteers. Some foster, some transport, and some lend their talents-- either with the dogs or in various other ways.

Their mission is to raise the funds necessary to make sure that every Boykin Spaniel that needs medical or emotional assistance get that help, and then is placed in a forever home. Sometimes, that home is a Permanent Foster Care home, where that dog will remain for the rest of his/her life, with the support of BSR.

Learn more about Boykin Spaniel Rescue

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

Funded in 2016

How we help

Grant funding from The Grey Muzzle Organization helps Brother Wolf with major medical expenses associated with taking in and adopting out senior dogs.  Senior dogs become more "adoptable" to the general public when their medical needs are addressed.  

About Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue is a No Kill organization based in Asheville, North Carolina and was founded in 2007 to provide the resources and life-saving programs to build a No Kill community.

As a grassroots organization, BWAR operates a one-of-a-kind adoption center that is open to the public 365 days a year making it easy to adopt, volunteer, and become involved.

Learn more about Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

Brown County Humane Society

Funded in 2016

How we help

A grant from Grey Muzzle helps to supplement medical costs for their “Seniors for Seniors” adoption program.  Even though the cost of Seniors for Seniors adoption is a third of the regular fee, the potential owners may not have the financial ability to absorb additional costs of vet care. By helping with those costs, adoptions will increase. 

About Brown County Humane Society

The mission of the BCHS is to promote the welfare, compassionate care and protection of animals, taking all domestic animals brought to us, finding suitable homes for adoptable animals, providing information, raising public awareness of animal issues, and promoting responsible pet ownership.  

Learn more about Brown County Humane Society
Mobile clinic Mobile vet clinic


Funded in 2018 and 2019

How we help

Funding from The Grey Muzzle Organization will support C.A.R.E.4Paws’ Companion Pet Assistance Veterinary Intervention Program (VIP). VIP is designed to save animals’ lives, reduce animal suffering, and lower the number of companion pets relinquished to shelters due to their owners’ inability to pay for medical care. The program provides health exams, vaccines and basic pet care; treats wounds; skin, ear and eye infections; and performs many types of surgeries, such as dentals, mass removals and hernia repairs. Services provided through VIP are performed in our a mobile spay/neuter and veterinary clinic - the only such clinic in Santa Barbara County.

About C.A.R.E.4Paws

Short for Community Awareness, Responsibility & Education, C.A.R.E.4Paws works to reduce pet overpopulation, keep animals out of shelters and improve quality of life for pets and pet owners in need. Founded in 2009 with the goal to alleviate the burden of Santa Barbara County's shelters by intervening before animals become homeless, its critical services include free spays/neuters, low-cost vaccine clinics and intervention programs that keep animals in their homes, such as assistance with veterinary care and delivery of pet food.

Learn more about C.A.R.E.4Paws

Cache Humane Society

Funded in 2012 and 2016

How we help

Grey Muzzle's grant will help Cache Humane Society with the Senior Dogs Dental Program - the goal of which is to have the at-risk senior dogs, who are otherwise in good condition, get a complete dental cleaning to make them more attractive to potential adopters.

About Cache Humane Society

The Cache Humane Society aims to use its many programs and services to eliminate pain, fear, suffering, and homelessness for companion animals.

Learn more about Cache Humane Society

Canine Adoption and Rescue League

Funded in 2016

How we help

Grey Muzzle grant monies were used to restart “Sam’s Senior Dog Program” whose purpose is to rescue senior dogs from the local county shelter and rehome them through the following infrastructure:
 • The local county shelter notifies C.A.R.L. of all dogs they take in aged 10 or older. 
• C.A.R.L. provides medical assistance as needed, foster homes where possible, and indoor pens at C.A.R.L.’s Pet Care Center when foster homes are not available. 
• The dogs are cared for and adopted out using existing volunteer programs or entered into their sanctuary foster program for terminal dogs to be fostered indefinitely, with no expectation that they are ever adopted out.  

About Canine Adoption and Rescue League

Canine Adoption and Rescue League’s mission is to advocate for animal welfare, seeking to end the needless deaths of companion animals through their adoption, education, and outreach programs.

Learn more about Canine Adoption and Rescue League
Cassie, a Basset Hound, now deceased Cassie

Carolina Basset Hound Rescue

Funded from 2011 - 2013

How we help

Grey Muzzle's funding to CBHR provides medical funding for the at-risk senior dogs CBHR takes into foster homes.

About Carolina Basset Hound Rescue

CBHR is a volunteer-staffed nonprofit organization whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome unwanted basset hounds in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Learn more about Carolina Basset Hound Rescue
Ronny the white miniature poodle Ronny

Carolina Poodle Rescue

Funded in 2019

How we help

The Grey Muzzle Organization grant will provide Carolina Poodle Rescue (CPR) the means to grow and accelerate the Save Our Seniors (SOS) program. This program provides medical and rehabilitative care to senior dogs to get them ready for adoption. By accelerating the "rescue, rehabilitate and rehome" initiative, CPR and Grey Muzzle are ensuring that seniors, just like Ronny, are medically sound (spay/neuter, dental, vaccines, etc) and ready for their forever homes. At ten years old, Ronny was surrendered to a local shelter because his aging owner could no longer care for him.  She loved him dearly--going to the expense of having him washed and groomed before bringing him to the shelter--hopeful that a cute haircut and his beautiful eyes would score him a family. Sadly, she didn’t understand that an unaltered dog with rotten teeth would have significant barriers to adoption.  Ronny’s new life started with a trip to the vet for a neuter and dental, along with updating all his vaccines. While he heals, Ronny will get a temperament assessment and then be ready for his forever home.

About Carolina Poodle Rescue

Carolina Poodle Rescue (CPR) is located in South Carolina with foster locations across the Carolinas, Georgia, Virginia and Florida. In the past 19 years, they have helped more than 8,000 dogs find their forever families. Over the past three years, the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of senior dogs has grown to account for more than 45% of the total number of dogs they help annually. CPR serves as a first call for shelters in their service area to help with hoarding and abuse/neglect cases. They are a partner to breeders seeking humane retirement of their dogs. CPR also acts as a safety net when life circumstances force owners to surrender beloved pets. Their mantra is simple, “One by one, until there are none.” 

Learn more about Carolina Poodle Rescue

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