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New Mexico

German Shepherd

Santa Fe Animal Shelter

Funded in 2021

Senior dogs often require more extensive care than their younger counterparts, with many needing dental care ranging from a much-needed cleaning to surgical removal of decayed teeth. Funding from The Grey Muzzle Organization will help provide dental care for more than 70 senior dogs at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter in the coming year, alleviating pain and helping to increase their chances of adoption. The grant will help dogs like Sparta, a 10-year-old dog whose owner surrendered him and requested euthanasia. Thankfully, the Sante Fe Animal Shelter knew he could have a good quality of life in a new home.

As Northern New Mexico’s largest open admission, no-kill shelter, the Santa Fe Animal Shelter works tirelessly within the city and county of Santa Fe to fight overpopulation and find creative solutions to animal homelessness. With a sustained live release rate of above 95%, they have demonstrated success in approaching the problem of animal homelessness from multiple angles, recognizing that there is no single solution to such an endemic problem.

German Shepherd Doris

Stray Hearts Animal Shelter

Funded in 2019

The Grey Muzzle grant will provide needed medical and dental care for the senior dogs who come into the care of Stray Hearts Animal Shelter (aka the Humane Society of Taos). Providing these senior dogs the care they need and deserve will ready them for adoption faster and give their new families a better idea of their health needs. 

The Humane Society of Taos (dba Stray Hearts Animal Shelter) is an open-admission shelter serving Taos County, NM. Stray Hearts serves people and pets through its programs, including pet adoption, humane education and animal cruelty intervention. They have an active foster care program, which includes hospice foster care for seniors and terminally ill animals as well as short-term care for puppies, kittens and injured animals. Stray Hearts also takes in many feral and semi-feral animals and provides placement for many through training, transfer to ranches and barn cat programs.

Small daschund standing on a blanket in front of a desert background

Watermelon Mountain Ranch Inc.

Funded in 2018

Grant funds from Grey Muzzle will allow Watermelon Mountain Ranch Animal Center (WMRAC) to develop a senior to senior adoption program. This program will expand the number of senior animal transfers that they are able to do and also connect the senior citizens in their community with senior animals that deserve a home in their golden years.  

Watermelon Mountain Ranch Animal Center (WMRAC) was founded in 2002 with the mindset that "All Who Enter Will Find Love." This motto not only applies to the animals that come through their gates but also to the humans that enter looking to find a companion. WMRAC works diligently to foster the animal-human bond, and to that end, Molly's Mercy Missions were established in 2016 to save some of the most vulnerable lives in at risk municipal shelters across the Southwest. These missions specifically pull and transfer animals that are in danger of euthanasia.

handsome pitbull with crown


Funded from 2018 to 2023

The Grey Muzzle Organization grant will allow NMDOG to provide initial and ongoing medical care to the senior dogs who are Forever Fosters in the NMDOG Home Sanctuary Program. This program allows previously chained senior dogs like Sterling, who have special medical or behavioral needs, to live out their lives with a forever family. Funding will cover the costs of emergency services, diagnostics, medical care, supplements, and prescription medications for the senior dogs placed with Home Sanctuary providers. 

Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, NMDOG was established in 2010 and has saved thousands of dogs’ lives over its ten-year history. NMDOG reaches out across the state of New Mexico to the dogs who need help the most: the chained, the abandoned, the victims of the most horrific cases of cruelty, and lastly, the forgotten ones. NMDOG focuses their efforts on rescue, community outreach, education, rehabilitation, adoption and networking. When called upon, NMDOG works closely with Law Enforcement Agencies, shelters throughout New Mexico and rescues in surrounding states.

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