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  • German Shepherd

    Santa Fe Animal Shelter
    Funded in 2021


    As Northern New Mexico’s largest open admission, no-kill shelter, the Santa Fe Animal Shelter works tirelessly within the city and county of Santa Fe to fight overpopulation and find creative solutions to animal homelessness. With a sustained live release rate of above 95%, they have demonstrated success in approaching the problem of animal homelessness from multiple angles, recognizing that there is no single solution to such an endemic problem. The Santa Fe Animal Shelter provides high-quality care to homeless animals at their medical clinic and behavioral rehabilitation center and supports local guardians to keep their pets happy, healthy, and at home.

    Senior dogs often require more extensive care than their younger counterparts, with many needing dental care ranging from a much-needed cleaning to surgical removal of decayed teeth. Funding from The Grey Muzzle Organization will help provide dental care for more than 70 senior dogs at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter in the coming year, alleviating pain and helping to increase their chances of adoption. The grant will help dogs like Sparta, a 10-year-old dog whose owner surrendered him and requested euthanasia. Thankfully, the Sante Fe Animal Shelter knew he could have a good quality of life in a new home.