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Edgar Allan Poe Pima County

No Kill Pima County

Funded in 2022
Funding from The Grey Muzzle Organization will provide support to locally owned dogs, age 7 and older, in need of diagnostics and/or treatment. Families, like that of Edgar Allan Poe who needed surgery to remove a mass from his leg, often face challenges paying for emergency or unexpected veterinary care. As a medical alert dog for his owner, eight-year-old Edgar is a cherished family member. By covering the cost of his surgery, NKPC was able to restore his health and keep Edgar at home where he belongs. Supporting families in need ensures pets receive veterinary care and decreases the number of senior dogs surrendered to shelters simply because their guardians could not afford the cost of their treatment.
No Kill Pima County (NKPC) is an all-volunteer, grassroots community nonprofit. Since 2012 NKPC has implemented strategies to build and support a community that saves the savable pets. Initiatives have focused on keeping pets out of shelters, supporting those in shelters, and promoting adoption and rescue efforts. Currently, efforts are aimed at offering options to owners and “finders” of stray dogs that enable pets to stay with their families and in their community, reserving shelter space for those who truly have no other options.
Bubba High Country

High Country Humane

Funded in 2022
The goal of the Grey Muzzle grant is to reduce the number of senior dogs surrendered because their guardians cannot afford to treat their medical conditions. Funding will also support diagnostics and medical treatment for senior dogs in the care of High County Humane, improving their health and increasing their chances of adoption. The grant will benefit dogs like Bubba who had masses removed and is being treated for hypothyroidism and arthritis, all while recovering in a loving foster home and awaiting a forever family.
High Country Humane opened its doors at the end of 2018 to provide high-caliber animal shelter services and help elevate animal welfare throughout northern Arizona. They provide comprehensive care for companion animals and ensure that no animal is euthanized for time, space, or a treatable condition. Their mission is to transform lives by providing exceptional animal care and adoption services, strengthening the bond between pets and people, and advocating for the well-being of all animals.
beige poodle mix outside in the grass

Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary

Funded in 2021 and 2022

Thanks to Grey Muzzle, Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary will rescue an additional seven senior dogs who are at high-risk of euthanasia for medical reasons. Grey Muzzle’s grant helps dogs like Rio who was found in a canal in southern Arizona. Rio has a severe heart murmur, dental issues, and is extremely underweight. He is hesitant at first when approached but quickly warms up. He has a number of  medical needs to be addressed before he’s ready for adoption, but FLPS is looking forward to showing him all the love and care he deserves.

Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary’s (FLPS) mission is to help overlooked senior dogs in Arizona find their forever homes. FLPS has been rescuing and adopting out senior dogs since 2012. Sadly, many of the dogs that come to FLPS are from owners who have passed away or can no longer care for them. As a result, these dogs are in  dire need of medical attention. FLPS provides every senior dog with needed medical care to ensure they have the best quality of life and places them in loving homes that can best meet their needs. 

Black dog on chair

Lost Our Home

Funded in 2021

A grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization will provide medical care for senior pets in the Lost Our Home Temporary Care and Adoption Programs. Both programs provide senior pets with medical examinations, spay/neutering, vaccinations, microchips and additional medical care as needed, such as dental care and blood work. 

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue (LOH) was founded in 2008 in Arizona as a grassroots response to help the thousands of pets in need as a result of the economic downturn, providing compassionate services for pets and families in crisis that go beyond the traditional rescue or shelter. LOH recognizes how pets enrich the lives of people and the importance of the human-animal bond, particularly in times of crisis.

Tan and black dog with mouth open looking at camera and standing in dirt.

Home Fur Good

Funded in 2018

Funds received from The Grey Muzzle Organization will be used to increase the number of senior dogs Home Fur Good takes in. The grant will help to defray medical costs associated with older dogs such as dental care, senior blood work, and removal of tumors. We will promote adoption of senior dogs through a seniors for seniors program and long-term foster care.  

Home Fur Good Animal Rescue and Placement’s mission is to eliminate euthanasia of treatable, adoptable cats and dogs in Maricopa County through placements, medical treatment, training for correction of behavioral issues, promotion of spay/neuter and increased community awareness.  Since inception in 2009 Home Fur Good has rescued over 4,000 cats and dogs.

Shepherd mix with ears up and tongue out. Grass in background.

Saving Paws Rescue AZ

Funded in 2018

A grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization will help Saving Paws Rescue AZ develop a Seniors For Seniors program. Residing in Arizona, Saving Paws is surrounded by retirement communities with many active senior residents looking for a hiking partner, a cuddling companion or even a foster houseguest as they spend their winters in the Valley of the Sun. Through collaborative efforts with neighboring senior dog clubs, community centers, and rescue volunteers, they are looking to place senior dogs with mature adults, for either permanent adoption, long- or short-term fostering, or hospice care.

In 2012, Trisha Houlihan, a volunteer at the local county animal control shelter, was saddened by the volume of German Shepherd Dogs being listed for euthanasia. She recognized there were very little resources for the rescue of this breed, so she created a place for them – Saving Paws Rescue Arizona, a place that would be a safe harbor for German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois Dogs.

fluffy dog wearing antlers

Arizona Humane Society

Funded in 2018 and 2022

A Grey Muzzle grant will support the Arizona Humane Society’s (AHS) Real-Time Solutions Fund, preventing at least 40 senior dogs from being needlessly surrendered to the shelter. The Fund helps pet parents like Tracy and her senior dog Sasha. Tracy lives on a fixed income and could not afford Sasha’s emergency medical care. Without the aid provided by AHS, Tracy would have had to give Sasha up to ensure she got the treatment she needed. The Grey Muzzle grant will help keep senior dogs like Sasha and people like Tracy together where they belong. Funds will also help struggling pet parents pay for minor housing repairs such as fixing a fence to keep their pets safe, the pet deposit required by pet-friendly rental homes, and critically needed pet supplies after a loss of stable housing.

Since 1957, the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) has been saving the lives of Maricopa County’s most vulnerable pets. Guided by their Ethical No-Kill Philosophy™, AHS saves thousands of pets every year through a system of care that includes AHS’ trauma hospital and intensive care units, comprehensive medical and foster programs, and behavior intervention programs. Their community-based model includes a Pet Resource Center, affordable veterinary services, proactive outreach, community support, and partner collaborations that keep pets in loving homes where they belong.

Medium sized grey & white dog laying on pillow.

Cooper's Chance Animal Rescue

Funded in 2017

A Grey Muzzle grant to Cooper's Chance Animal Rescue helps with their Dignity Fund, a specialized program that rescues seniors who have been surrendered to the shelter by their owners and lets them pass to the Rainbow Bridge in a loving foster home with peace and dignity. This program provides comfort and one-on-one care to hospice pets by a compassionate foster and in-home veterinarian.

The Dignity Fund focuses efforts on larger, elderly, sick or injured animals in need of extra care to provide them with rehabilitation or long term foster care and give these pets a chance to be safe, comfortable, and loved in their final days.

/*-->*/ /*-->*/ Cooper's Chance Animal Rescue's mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abused and neglected animals. They are dedicated to the welfare of these animals and the gentle eco system that we share. They also educate the public on humane and responsible pet ownership through nonprofit partnerships, public education programs and grass root efforts within communities.

Brown and white short haired pointer sitting on a tile floor.

Companion Animal Rehabilitation Emergency Medical Fund

Funded in 2017

A grant from Grey Muzzle supports the Companion Animal Rehabilitation Emergency Medical Fund's Senior Animal Wellness Program to provide medical and dental care to senior pets. C.A.R.E. Medical Fund's mission is to bring otherwise unadoptable companion animals to an adoptable condition by providing emergency medical funding and assistance to local shelter pets.

Senior pets are often seen as unadoptable regardless of their health condition. We believe that the word "unadoptable" is a relative term and to label a dog unadoptable simply because of its age is wrong. We believe that we can give seniors an advantage to getting them adopted and out of the shelter quickly by providing this program to the shelter.

Companion Animal Rehabilitation Emergency Medical Fund (C.A.R.E. Medical Fund) was founded in 2013 and brings otherwise unadoptable companion animals to an adoptable condition by providing emergency medical funding and assistance to local shelter pets.

Arizona Beagle Rescue

Funded in 2016

A grant from Grey Muzzle helps Arizona Beagle Rescue provide more comprehensive medical care for more senior dogs.   When senior dogs have clean teeth and a full medical, potential adopters are informed with a thorough report on each dog’s health and condition.  

For some dogs with chronic but treatable ailments, the program provides adoptive families with financial support for medications/dog food as needed.  For dogs that are deemed unfit for adoption (whether it be medical issues or behavioral issues), their Forever Foster program allows senior beagles to live out their natural lives in a foster home, surrounded by the family that they are a part of.  

Arizona Beagle Rescue (AZBR) is a statewide 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization comprised of volunteers dedicated to beagle rescue and community education.  AZBR's mission includes:
•    Preventing the euthanization of Beagles throughout the state of Arizona
•    Finding Forever Homes for homeless Beagles
•    Providing beagles and their companions the opportunity to interact with other beagles and beagle fans
•    Helping beagle guardians better understand their beagle's temperament and traits

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