• Brown and white dog

    Lifeline Oro Valley Animal Rescue
    Funded 2023, 2024

    Lifeline Oro Valley Animal Rescue (LOVAR) is an inclusive, volunteer-driven, no-kill rescue working collaboratively to save dogs and cats, regardless of breed, age, size, or condition. LOVAR’s mission is to provide safe rescue, crate- and force-free rehabilitation, and responsible placement or sanctuary, while promoting humane treatment of animals to build compassionate communities.

    Funding from The Grey Muzzle Organization will provide medical care for senior dogs and help keep families together. LOVAR will also use the grant to expand its community assistance program to serve families in marginalized communities. 

    The grant will help dogs like nine-year-old Mylie, who was part of a mass rescue of dogs from a breeding factory. She arrived at LOVAR with broken teeth, infections, and an extreme fear of people. This sweet girl built trust with her LOVAR family, becoming part of their forever sanctuary program. Thanks to a Grey Muzzle grant, Mylie will undergo surgery to address her dental issues, ensuring she can eat without pain and enjoy life in the safety of her new home.