The Humane Society of Charles County

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The Humane Society of Charles County started in 1978 with the single objective to rescue dogs and cats hit by cars. Their services have greatly expanded over the years and they now offer shelter and care for homeless, injured and neglected animals, as well as adoption services, fostering, community partnerships, humane education, no-to-low-cost spay/neuter and vaccine services, and affordable well-pet veterinary services.

Funded in 2017
How we help: 

A grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization helps The Humane Society of Charles County with an extension to their Honey's Fund for senior dogs.

Many animals are admitted to the local shelter because the medical expenses are too high, the medical issues are chronic (often the case in senior animals), the owner does not have the time/experience to treat the animal, or the animal is Stray and does not have an owner to provide the necessary care. When this happens HSCC's Honey's Fund, a limited pool of money for medical treatment, can be used. Grey Muzzle grant funding would be used to expand Honey's Fund, going that extra mile for senior dogs who need support to live out their golden years.