The Pet Cottage

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The Pet Cottage celebrates and protects the magical relationship between people and their pets by providing homestyle care for pets who lose their humans due to death, disability, or deployment. Through their two unique programs, The Sanctuary Residency Program and The Lifelong Guardianship Program, they ensure pets have the home, care, and love they deserve--for life. The Pet Cottage has a proud commitment to senior dogs and pays for all medical expenses, including medications and preventatives.

Funded in 2022
How we help: 

Support from The Grey Muzzle Organization will allow The Pet Cottage to keep its forever promise of a loving home for life for the senior dogs who enter their pack because of death, disability, or deployment. Funds will help cover the cost of medical care for dogs like 15-year-old Petey, a Yorkshire terrier who arrived with severe dental disease and Addison’s disease. Oral surgery was performed, and he receives daily medications and monthly injections to keep him comfortable and happy while enjoying his life with his forever guardian, Kathi.

Petey Pet Cottage