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  • Ben

    The Pet Project
    Funded in 2020


    The Pet Project for Pets, Inc., is one of the largest pet retention organizations in Florida. With headquarters in Broward County, The Pet Project enables people with limited incomes who are elderly, disabled, seriously ill or temporarily unemployed to keep their pets at home with them rather than surrender to shelters due to financial hardship.

    The Grey Muzzle Organization grant will provide for more adoptions of mature dogs through the Senior Paws program, a partnership between The Pet Project and Broward County Animal Care (BCAC), to encourage the adoptions of senior dogs. BCAC showcases older dogs who are eligible for adoption through Senior Paws and their adoption fees, food, supplies, immunizations and needed veterinary care are provided by The Pet Project for the rest of their lives. This grant from Grey Muzzle will enable 40 older dogs, who would otherwise be passed over for adoption, to be placed in homes of their own with loving people who will care for them the rest of their lives.