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No Sneakers Required for Dog Walk

No Sneakers Required for Dog Walk

The Grey Muzzle Organization Launches Virtual Old Dog Walk

North Carolina, October 28, 2011 – In honor of Adopt a Senior Pet month, The Grey Muzzle Organization is taking an untraditional approach to the typical dog walk. Rather than requiring participants to lace up sneakers and walk a few miles, the organization is hosting an online Virtual Old Dog Walk. On November 19th, Grey Muzzle is encouraging participants to decide their own activity, or inactivity, in honor of a senior dog awaiting adoption at an animal shelter.

Like traditional dog walks, participants in Grey Muzzle’s Virtual Old Dog Walk ask friends, co-workers, and families to sponsor them. However, numerous miles of walking are not required. Instead, past participants have opted for activities such as snuggling with their dog on the couch, taking an afternoon nap, or spending some time with a lonely senior dog at a shelter.

For people and their dogs unable to walk for miles, the Virtual Old Dog Walk enables participants to raise funds for older dogs in animal shelters waiting for a second chance. This year’s mascot is Thomas, a 10-year-old husky mix and recipient of a Grey Muzzle grant to Blind Dog Rescue in Philadelphia.

Often due to economic reasons or owner circumstances, once-loved older dogs are frequently surrendered to shelters and face a high risk of euthanasia. “Although many senior dogs are already house-trained, gentle, and loving, they are often overlooked for adoption,” explains Julie Dudley, founder of The Grey Muzzle Organization, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of at-risk senior dogs by providing funding and resources to animal shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries nationwide.

For more information about participation or sponsorship of the Virtual Old Dog Walk, please visit Grey Muzzle’s website. All of the funds raised will support Grey Muzzle’s programs such as hospice care, senior dog adoption, medical screening, and other special programs to help senior dogs at animal welfare organizations across the country.

About The Grey Muzzle Organization

The Grey Muzzle Organization is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Grey Muzzle improves the lives of at-risk senior dogs by providing funding and resources to animal shelters, rescue organizations, sanctuaries and other non-profit groups. The website enables visitors to honor a cherished pet and donate an orthopedic bed for a shelter dog.