Help Homeless Senior Dogs Rest Easy!

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The Grey Muzzle Organization maintains a Bed Fund to provide orthopedic beds and cots to old dogs living in shelters, rescues, or sanctuaries. Many shelters do not have the resources to provide orthopedic beds so Grey Muzzle purchases the beds for the shelters, giving senior dogs a place of comfort off the cold, concrete floors.

Dog on bed received by bed fund
Grey Muzzle's Bed Fund is made possible through your donations. In June, we distributed $6,000 worth of beds to 33 different organizations across the country. Each shelter received two beds; helping a total of 66 dogs!

Cooler weather is already here in many parts of the country and it's time to build up our Bed Fund so new shelter partners can receive the gift of orthopedic beds before winter sets in.

Our Fall Bed Fundraiser needs your support now to provide beds to more shelters. Our goal is to raise $3,000 in 30 days to fund 17 shelters with beds. The orthopedic beds are high-quality, washable, and reusable, making them a great investment. And because you're donating to the Bed Fund rather than purchasing the bed yourself, your donation is tax deductible.

To make a donation, simply fill out the Donate Form We regret that this link leads to an inaccessible third party page. Please contact us for assistance.. Even better, create a Fundly fundraising page, and raise funds for beds from your friends.

Two recent bed recipients are Beth, a 9-year-old Boxer (pictured above) and Izzy, a 9-year-old Shiba Inu mix at the Great Plains SPCA in Kansas. Beth and Izzy were very happy to find a brand new comfortable bed waiting for them in their kennels - they settled right in and got comfy! To continue to make bed donations to deserving senior dogs, we need your support.

Izzy, standing on donated bed
Our Fall Bed Fundraiser goal is to raise $3,000. We give two beds to each shelter so that's 34 beds to 17 different shelters across the country!

After each senior dog is adopted or rescued, other homeless senior dogs who come into the shelter will have a comfortable bed waiting for them. Comfort reduces stress in dogs in shelters and helps them remain active, engaged and adoptable. With your support, Grey Muzzle beds will provide relief to hundreds of senior dogs in shelters.

Thanks to Grey Muzzle Organization Advisory Board Member, Dr. Marty Becker, who posted about our Fall Bed Fundraiser on his Facebook page, we are already well on our way toward our goal! For close to 20 years, Dr. Becker, known as "America's Veterinarian" has been the popular veterinary contributor on Good Morning America, and is a member of the Medical Advisory Panel for the Dr. Oz Show. In response to Dr. Becker's post, Kuranda Dog & Cat Beds donated five orthopedic beds to our fundraiser. We can't thank Dr. Becker and Kuranda enough!

Please join with Grey Muzzle to help senior dogs be more comfortable in their shelter environment. Keeping them relaxed rather than anxious, warm and cozy instead of stressed or uncomfortable, makes senior dogs more adoptable, so they will find their forever homes more quickly. Because as much as animal shelters and rescues work to make the environment the best possible for all their canine charges, the best place for any dog is in a loving home.

Meet more senior dogs helped by the Bed Fund and please make your donation today to our Fall Bed Fundraiser. A $90 donation purchases one bed for a senior dog living in a shelter kennel. But remember that every penny counts - a gift of any amount to our Bed Fund brings Grey Muzzle one step closer to reaching our goal for senior dogs in need!

Be sure when completing your donation form that you indicate your gift is for the Bed Fund by marking "yes" in the "Senior Dog Bed Fund" option. And don't forget to ask your friends to contribute by creating your own fundraising page through Fundly