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    From the Lone Star State comes the inspiring story of Tex, a golden gentleman rescued by Golden Retriever Rescue of North Texas (supported in large part by Grey Muzzle grants) in 2007, when he was almost 14. Do the math—Tex will be soon be 18! When he first arrived at his foster home it was predicted he wouldn’t live much longer. But Tex had a surprise in store—he wasn't going anywhere and he flourished! Each day soft low moaning evolve to a LOUD high-pitched yelp from Texas he communicates the best way he knows how. He rises to a brisk trot when he greets his family, and with his best show walk, he lurches out the front door for his daily walk. Walks have grown shorter, but the joy in his face is a sight to behold. The secret of what keeps him going? He loves to be loved and can't bear to have humans out of his sight. Tex recently had some eye problems but he's doing well and still has a spring in his step, truly a testament to the difference loving care can make to an abandoned senior. GO TEX!! 

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