• Mary holding Lily


    How Grey Muzzle Helped
    Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

    A joyous senior life is in store for Miss Lily, an 11-year-old Dachshund, rescued by Muttville in San Francisco. Partnering with assisted living facilities and making site visits to seniors’ homes, Muttville educates senior citizens about the responsibilities and benefits of living with an older dog through their “Seniors for Seniors” program. When Mary, Lily’s adoptive mom, sought a new dog she came to Muttville, undecided about what she wanted. But not for long. Most of the dogs milled about or napped as she strolled in, but the adorable Lily walked right up to Mary to say “hello.” And that was it! “We’ve been in love ever since,” says Mary. Lily was an especially easy dog to rescue and to adopt out, living at the Muttville headquarters less than two weeks. Grey Muzzle helped with her adoption and veterinary expenses and a toddler gate so Mary can leave her front door open to the hallway in her apartment. A happy ending for all! 

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