• Kendall


    In Memory
    How Grey Muzzle Helped
    Medical expense grant for hospice/long term care

    Kendall was an old Rottweiler who was given to a local shelter and then began to limp. Radiographs confirmed osteosarcoma, so common in the breed, and the shelter manager asked if OldDog Haven in Washington State could possibly take her since she was still so happy. ODH has a program that provides hospice care to dogs from shelters, and Grey Muzzle helps fund this program.

    ODH was lucky to find a foster home who wanted a big dog for end-of-life care, and she gave Kendall a really terrific three weeks. As is so common with dogs who’ve gone through terrifying abandonment and stress, Kendall was so happy to be safe and loved again. She acted perfectly healthy for that long and then one day, the euphoria was gone and she was in serious pain. Her foster mom watched her very carefully, so she could get her to the vet immediately to make sure Kendall didn’t suffer any longer. Kendall left the world with much love around her.

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