• Winston


    How Grey Muzzle Helped
    Medical expense grant for hospice/long term care

    A year ago, CTDR found 13-year-old Winston at a local shelter. His health had been seriously neglected by his previous family. With the help of their Grey Muzzle grant, CTDR fixed some very bad teeth, removed a nasty growth from his head and gave him good nutrition. Now, Winston lives in a foster home where he gets along with everyone, including the cats. His foster mom and dad took in a traumatized puppy mill dog, and Winston helped to bring her out of her shell. He participates in community functions and is a talented and beloved ambassador for senior dogs wherever he goes. CTDR says, "Winston is just a doll. He is so laid back and happy to be wherever his people are. He is very grateful to have found us! He loves his foster parents as long as they follow his schedule - bedtime is 8:30 sharp!"

    Winston is one of the beneficiaries of a Grey Muzzle grant to CTDR to support hospice dogs.

    January 2009
    Winston was adopted by his foster family!

    Recently we learned that Winston, one of the hospice dogs in the care of Central Texas Dachshund Rescue, was diagnosed with diabetes. Winston had been in a CTDR foster home for a year before the diagnosis, so they caught it early and and were able to control the condition with daily insulin shots.

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