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    How Grey Muzzle Helped
    Medical Expense Grant

    During a 911 medical response in rural New Mexico, the fire department happened to come across Dukey at the residence. At ten years old, he was suffering from severe and untreated dry eye disease. This poor guy was in extreme pain and completely blind. Thankfully, our friends at NMDOG quickly came to the rescue.

    And thanks to your support of The Grey Muzzle Organization, Dukey received the senior care he needed to be free from pain. With the help of a Grey Muzzle grant, NMDOG provided Dukey with specialized ophthalmology care and a dedicated regimen of daily eye medications, ultimately restoring his vision! YOU helped Dukey see again! 

    We're happy to report that four years later, Dukey is still thriving at 14 years old, receiving lifelong care and love in a forever-foster home as part of NMDOG's Home Sanctuary Program. Thanks to your support, Dukey's expensive eye medications, monthly preventatives, and wellness visits are covered for the rest of his days. Dukey's foster said, "I can't tell you how rewarding being a foster mom has been. I have DUKEY now, and he is the joy of my life!"

    We're so grateful that Dukey can now see all the bright days ahead thanks to this incredible teamwork! 

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