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    How Grey Muzzle Helped
    Seniors-for-seniors Grant

    Best friends at 11 and 97 years old! Zorro and Margie came into each other's lives when they needed each other the most. Zorro found himself homeless and confused after his lifelong special person passed away. He was sad, lethargic, and fearful after his world was turned upside down. And Margie was suffering from depression and loneliness without companionship after recently moving to a senior living facility. Margie's daughter realized her mom needed a friend and came to Charming Pet Rescue to meet Zorro.

    Thanks to your support of Grey Muzzle, Zorro received extensive dental care so he would be healthy, happy, and ready for adoption. Using Grey Muzzle's Seniors for Seniors Grant, CPR placed Zorro up for adoption for free and could offer to cover all costs for his adopter, including medical care, for the rest of his life. And he was ready just in time! Margie's daughter knew he was the one.

    Zorro and Margie became fast friends. Zorro entertained Margie with his playful antics around the house, and Margie provided a warm lap and plenty of snuggles. Their loneliness dissipated and was replaced by loving companionship. 

    Margie said, "Zorro is a blessing to me because I feel needed, and he gives me such good company. He is starting to follow me around everywhere I go, and I just love him so much. Thank you for getting his teeth fixed! I am sure he was uncomfortable, and 

    now he is so much happier, more active, and wags his tail a lot. Thank you for saving him and having this program so I can have him here with me." 

    Most of the time, we share the happy endings with you—stories of old dogs who go on to thrive for many years in loving homes. But sometimes, the bittersweet endings give us just as much gratitude, only in a different way. After eight beautiful months together, Zorro's health took a heartbreaking turn. Charming Pet Rescue went above and beyond to help him recover, trying different medications and treatments, as well as consulting multiple veterinarians and specialists. But the recommendations were unanimous. The most humane decision would be to give Zorro the final gift we provide our beloved pets...a peaceful goodbye.

    Margie was heartbroken to lose her special friend. But Zorro made such a meaningful impact on her life that she is already looking ahead and wants to adopt another senior dog in the spring, saying, “I want to help another older pup for as long as I can.” Her positive outlook and compassion make our hearts soar!

    Though Zorro’s story didn’t end the way we all initially envisioned, he was still surrounded by love until his final moments. And there is still hope for the future. Margie will soon open her heart again to a senior dog who needs her, and two lives will be forever changed for the better.

    Your support makes these important connections of love and friendship possible for senior dogs as well as senior people. That is a priceless gift for which we are truly grateful!

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