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  • Pooky
  • Lexi the boxer

    Grey Muzzle Partners with Three Grantees to Pilot Innovative Programs

    When their person passed away from COVID last fall, Pooky was one of 13 senior Chihuahuas who became homeless. Thanks to a grant for medical expenses from The Grey Muzzle Organization, One Tail at a Time was able to rescue all of the dogs from a Chicago city shelter, provide veterinary care, and find them new homes.
    Now, One Tail at a Time is working closely with Grey Muzzle on keeping senior dogs in their homes. They were recently selected as one of three organizations to receive an additional $12,000 grant to launch an innovative program to help keep senior dogs out of shelters.

    The other two organizations are Asheville Humane Society in NC and NorCal Boxer Rescue in Northern CA.

    Grey Muzzle’s new initiative is dubbed the “Learning Partnership,” and will focus on pilot testing innovative strategies to address findings from their Saving Seniors study.

    Working in collaboration with other service providers, for example organizations who assist people who are living in poverty or have been disproportionately affected by Covid-19, Learning Partnership grantees will implement strategies to prevent senior dogs from being surrendered.

    One Tail at a Time will launch a "Silver Ticket" voucher program. The vouchers will provide routine and preventative veterinary care for old dogs, so that treatable medical issues can be addressed before they become major ones. Silver Tickets for senior dog care will be distributed at One Tail at a Time’s pet and people pantries, put on in collaboration with Chicago organizations on the front lines of promoting equity and inclusion in the city.

    Asheville Humane Society if focused on expanding and enhancing their current Community Solutions’ Veterinary Assistance Program to help keep senior dogs safe, healthy and in homes where they are loved. Their grant will provide veterinary care for old dogs with more serious medical issues or facing long-term care. They hope to prevent suffering and keep pets from losing their homes because their families can’t afford treatment for painful conditions like arthritis or dental issues. Although both conditions can be medically managed, the cost is out of reach for many pet owners.

    NorCal Boxer Rescue's grant is targeting people who are considering adopting a senior boxer from a shelter or surrendering one. The cost of caring for a senior dog may give some people pause when considering adding one to their home or they may feel that surrendering is the only option due to cost of care. They hope providing post-adoption support or pre-surrendering support will provide peace of mind to senior boxer families.

    The three organizations will work closely with Grey Muzzle over the course of a year to implement their pilot projects and collect data. Findings will inform the development and replication of successful strategies for other organizations to adopt to ensure senior dogs stay out of shelters and in loving homes.

    As a national leader and expert in senior dog welfare, Grey Muzzle’s hope is to expand the Learning Partnership model to build knowledge and grantees' capacity to help even more senior dogs in need.