NorCal Boxer Rescue

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NorCal Boxer Rescue (NCBR) is an entirely volunteer-operated, foster-based rescue for boxers in need throughout Northern California. They prioritize the most vulnerable dogs, including those who are old, ill, injured or housed at the shelters where the risk of euthanasia is the greatest. At a minimum, they provide each rescued dog with veterinary care, spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, a microchip, a temporary foster home at a private residence, lots of love and placement into a forever home.

Funded from 2018 - 2020
How we help: 

Grey Muzzle funding will allow NorCal Boxer Rescue to implement a pilot program aimed at increasing their rate and volume of senior dog adoptions. The funds will be used to reduce barriers to senior dog adoption by providing one year of post-adoption veterinary expense support to adopters of senior dogs. 

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