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Who We Help

The Grey Muzzle Organization provides funding for senior dog programs nationwide. Here you'll find a list of the organizations that have received Grey Muzzle funding. Please contact these organizations if you are considering adopting a senior dog, fostering, or volunteering.

Grey Muzzle Grant Recipients
Grant recipients include:
Small black and grey dog wrapped in a towel.

Fort Valley State University

Funded in 2017

A Grey Muzzle grant assists the Senior Dog Advocacy Program, a new SAFE Center program at Fort Valley State University.

This program supports the care of senior dogs presented to the SAFE Center by rescue groups striving to find forever homes for these animals, as a last-ditch effort to save them. The Senior Dog Advocacy Program will focus on providing healthcare and emotional support for senior dogs and will work to educate the local public on the joys and benefits of providing a forever home to a senior canine. They hope to assist an increased number of senior dogs have a comfortable and peaceful life.

This program will also serve as an educational outlet for their veterinary technician students to learn and put into practice the appropriate way to advocate for older animals, as well as approach various factors of geriatric medicine and animal care.

/*-->*/ /*-->*/ Fort Valley State University’s State Animal Facilities for Emergencies (SAFE) Center is the only facility in the state of Georgia that was built for the purpose of co-housing pets with their families while fleeing natural disasters (hurricanes, tropical storms and other wide-spread disturbances which lead to displacement of people and their animals).

Foster Pet Outreach

Funded in 2016

A grant from Grey Muzzle helps to fund their “Senior Dog Health Fund” within the FPO Senior Dog Program.  These funds are used to provide the health care senior dogs deserve to live their best lives.

In addition, new processes for intaking, promoting, and adopting senior dogs have been developed to help decrease the amount of time senior dogs stay in the foster program before adoption.  

Foster Pet Outreach is a not-for-profit, all volunteer shelter alternative that saves the lives of unwanted pets by rescuing, fostering, and adopting them to responsible forever homes.

Foster Pet Outreach also seeks to educate the community in the topics of pet over-population and the necessity of responsible pet ownership. 

Petey Found House Interfaith Housing Network

Found House Interfaith Housing Network

Funded in 2022

Support from Grey Muzzle will allow the Pet Support Program at Found House Interfaith Housing Network (Found House IHN) to improve the health of senior dogs whose guardians are experiencing homelessness or other related crises. Low-income clients on the verge of homelessness frequently cannot afford needed veterinary care, such as vaccines and dental cleanings. Grey Muzzle funding will help cover these expenses for senior dogs. The grant will help dogs like 12-year-old Petey who arrived at Found House IHN with a heart condition and in need of extensive dental treatment. After receiving care, Petey was placed with a Found House IHN foster family. Most pets at Found House IHN return to their original owners, but due to unforeseen circumstances, Petey’s guardian decided it was best to surrender him. Petey’s foster family adopted him, and he’s now living life to his fullest, which includes conquering all squeaking toys, burrowing under blankets, and chasing those annoying squirrels.

Established in 2014, the Pet Support Program is a pet shelter within Found House IHN’s Emergency Shelter. It provides a coordinated network of care for people and pets experiencing homelessness or other related crises, with the goal to keep people and their pets safe and together. People have the best outcomes when they can keep their support systems and families intact, staying connected to beloved pets that offer companionship, emotional support, and other health benefits. Animals are best served by staying with humans they love and avoiding surrender to shelters.

smiling dog

Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE)

Funded from 2015 to 2017, and 2019 to 2021

A grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization will support FACE's Grey Muzzle Fund, which offers financial assistance to pet parents of older dogs with life-threatening illness or injury. This program works in tandem with the Save-a-Life Program, which focuses on life-saving medical treatment for pets of all ages, ensuring they can stay in their homes healthy and happy and preventing unwanted euthanasia.

The mission of the Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE) is to enhance and preserve the quality of life of animals by providing access to necessary medical care and education. Based on established criteria, FACE provides financial grants for pet owners who are unable to cover the cost of their ill/injured pet's emergency or critical veterinary care.


Frederick Friends of Our County Animal Shelter

Funded in 2018 and 2020

With the funding provided by The Grey Muzzle Organization, Frederick Friends of Our County Animal Shelter (FFOCAS) is expanding their program, Senior Dogs Rock, which provides medical care to senior dogs. Through Senior Dogs Rock, FFOCAS enables the shelter to provide veterinary care for senior dogs with the goal of either increasing their chances of adoption or, for those with a terminal illness, ensuring their comfort and well-being in a hospice foster home. 

Frederick Friends of Our County Animal Shelter (FFOCAS) supports the under-funded, open-admission animal shelter of Frederick County, Maryland. FFOCAS provides the financial and volunteer resources to enable medical and behavioral support for the county’s neediest pets. 

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Friends of Foothills Animal Shelter

Funded in 2021 and 2022

Foothills Animal Shelter is incredibly grateful to have the support of The Grey Muzzle Organization. This grant will assist in providing dental surgeries for senior dogs, which will improve their health, comfort, and likelihood of adoption. Funding will also help to launch a Return for Care program for senior dogs in need of dental treatment. Once adopted, senior dogs will be welcomed back to the shelter for follow-up care, including dental surgery. This will reduce the time senior dogs spend in the shelter and ensure they get the dental care they need to be healthy and happy in their new forever homes.

Foothills Animal Shelter is a socially conscious, open admission shelter serving Jefferson County, CO. They provide essential services such as adoptions, lost pet reunification, low-cost public vaccinations, and more. They also transfer animals to their facility every week from shelters that are suffering from overcrowding and a lack of resources. These animals are then given the time and care they need to find their new homes. They collaborate with good humans like you to improve the lives of 7,600+ pets each year, creating a better community for all.

Mars Friends of Homeless Animals

Friends of Homeless Animals

Funded in 2021 and 2022

With funding from Grey Muzzle, FOHA is expanding its existing Senior Care Plan, which waives adoption fees for senior dogs and provides reimbursement for qualifying medical expenses or pet insurance premiums. By increasing adoption of senior dogs currently in their care, FOHA will be able to take in more senior dogs from overburdened shelters, dogs like eight-year-old Mars, a beautiful shepherd mix who is blind and deaf. FOHA will also create a complementary Senior Care program for families who have adopted from FOHA and whose pets are now aging. By providing funds to cover unforeseen medical costs, FOHA will reduce surrender of senior dogs whose guardians can’t afford needed treatment.

Friends of Homeless Animals saves and improves lives one paw at a time. Dedicated to saving homeless dogs and cats, FOHA provides rescue, medical care, and adoption services in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC metropolitan areas. More than 16,000 cats and dogs have found a safe haven with FOHA over the last 47 years.

Friends of Norfolk Animal Care Center

Funded from 2016 to 2017 and 2019

A grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization helps to fund Norfolk Animal Care Center's (NACC) Golden Paws Program, which takes care of the medical needs of senior dogs relinquished to NACC and then finds them loving, forever homes. Since the program's inception, over 250 senior dogs have had a second chance at happiness.

The mission of Friends of Norfolk Animal Care Center is to support the Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center (NACC) in sheltering and caring for Norfolk's stray and homeless animals, to promote and facilitate adoptions, to assist with special medical care, to promote and support spay/neuter in the community and to educate the public about responsible pet ownership.

Frosted Faces

Frosted Faces Foundation

Funded in 2020

Thanks to their Grey Muzzle grant, Frosted Faces Foundation is dedicating funding for the treatment of dental disease, which may change the fates of several senior dogs deemed unadoptable/untreatable in the shelter system,  who would otherwise never have the opportunity to be comfortable and permanently placed with a loving guardian. 

Frosted Faces Foundation is an organization that advocates for senior animals. Their  mission is to deliver quality veterinary care and the promise of a devoted family for senior animals whose love and lives are in jeopardy.

German Shepherd Rescue and Adoption

Funded from 2009 to 2014

Grey Muzzle has provided a grant to German Shepherd Rescue for a new program, A Moment in Time. The program represents the idea that time shouldn't be measured in minutes, hours, days or even years...but rather moments - special moments that are shared between an owner and their dog. The program has increased the rescue of senior GSD and GSD mixes from area shelters, as well as increased education and awareness of senior dog issues.

The mission of German Shepherd Rescue in Raleigh is to provide rescue, rehabilitation and adoption services to purebreds and mixes, and to address our community’s need for real solutions in the fight against animal homelessness, abuse and neglect.