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Who We Help

The Grey Muzzle Organization provides funding for senior dog programs nationwide. Here you'll find a list of the organizations that have received Grey Muzzle funding. Please contact these organizations if you are considering adopting a senior dog, fostering, or volunteering.

Grey Muzzle Grant Recipients
Grant recipients include:

Animal Rescue League of Iowa

Funded from 2017 - 2020

The Grey Muzzle Grant will allow the Animal Rescue League of Iowa to provide diagnostic and medical care for ARL hospice dogs living as a beloved family member with ARL hospice foster families. Funding will also be used to provide diagnostic screening and medical care for senior dogs who are up for adoption, ensuring their new families have a clear understanding of their health needs.

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Max Animal Rescue Mission

Animal Rescue Mission

Funded in 2022

With Grey Muzzle’s support, the Animal Rescue Mission (ARM) will provide senior dogs with needed behavioral and medical services. The senior dogs ARM rescues have often survived extreme abuse and neglect, and their medical needs are extensive and costly. The grant will not only help the senior dogs currently in ARM's care, but will also make it possible for them to rescue more senior dogs like Max.

The Animal Rescue Mission (ARM) was created to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome unwanted pets while educating the public on how to provide a safer, happier world for all animals. Their goal is to ensure that every formerly homeless, abused, and neglected animal receives the rehabilitation they need and is matched with a permanent loving home.

small white dog sitting

Animal Rescue New Orleans

Funded 2012-2016 and 2021

ARNO's Grey Muzzle grant will provide 28 senior dogs like little Pearl with much-needed dental care. Dental care not only improves senior dogs’ overall health, it also increases the likelihood of their adoption.

Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO) opened its doors in March 2006 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and strives to enrich the lives of people and pets through adoption services, volunteering, and community engagement. As a volunteer-based organization, ARNO especially seeks to rescue and provide medical care for companion animals most in need: the old, very young, the sick, and those who have been neglected and deprived of love. Through our community outreach program, ARNO helps people keep their beloved pets by providing vet services, food, and supplies. 

Gage Animal Rescue Inc

Animal Rescue, Inc.

Funded in 2017, 2019, 2021 and 2022

A Grey Muzzle grant will support Animal Rescue, Inc.’s (ARI) Senior Dog Rescue Program, which aids the most vulnerable, at-risk dogs–elderly strays, puppy mill victims, and older dogs slated for euthanasia. The Senior Dog Rescue Program protects and rehabilitates these dogs, both physically and emotionally. ARI provides routine and emergency veterinary care and places dogs in safe adoptive homes, with nurturing foster families, or cares for them in their Sanctuary for Life. Grant funds will aid senior dogs like Gage, a sweet Labrador retriever mix that found himself homeless at 15 years of age. Luckily for Gage, he received a lifesaving transport to ARI’s Sanctuary for Life, where this handsome boy will be well cared for until his new family is found. Thanks to Grey Muzzle, Gage and so many more senior dogs just like him will receive the medical care they need and another chance at happiness.

Since 1976, Animal Rescue, Inc. (ARI) has been a refuge for homeless dogs and cats. No animal is ever euthanized due to medical expense or the inconvenience of care. While ARI’s main goal is to find responsible homes for residents, they work hard to ensure all animals receive the level of care they need, thanks to the help of their loyal staff and dedicated volunteers.

Arizona Beagle Rescue

Funded in 2016

A grant from Grey Muzzle helps Arizona Beagle Rescue provide more comprehensive medical care for more senior dogs.   When senior dogs have clean teeth and a full medical, potential adopters are informed with a thorough report on each dog’s health and condition.  

For some dogs with chronic but treatable ailments, the program provides adoptive families with financial support for medications/dog food as needed.  For dogs that are deemed unfit for adoption (whether it be medical issues or behavioral issues), their Forever Foster program allows senior beagles to live out their natural lives in a foster home, surrounded by the family that they are a part of.  

Arizona Beagle Rescue (AZBR) is a statewide 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization comprised of volunteers dedicated to beagle rescue and community education.  AZBR's mission includes:
•    Preventing the euthanization of Beagles throughout the state of Arizona
•    Finding Forever Homes for homeless Beagles
•    Providing beagles and their companions the opportunity to interact with other beagles and beagle fans
•    Helping beagle guardians better understand their beagle's temperament and traits

fluffy dog wearing antlers

Arizona Humane Society

Funded in 2018 and 2022

A Grey Muzzle grant will support the Arizona Humane Society’s (AHS) Real-Time Solutions Fund, preventing at least 40 senior dogs from being needlessly surrendered to the shelter. The Fund helps pet parents like Tracy and her senior dog Sasha. Tracy lives on a fixed income and could not afford Sasha’s emergency medical care. Without the aid provided by AHS, Tracy would have had to give Sasha up to ensure she got the treatment she needed. The Grey Muzzle grant will help keep senior dogs like Sasha and people like Tracy together where they belong. Funds will also help struggling pet parents pay for minor housing repairs such as fixing a fence to keep their pets safe, the pet deposit required by pet-friendly rental homes, and critically needed pet supplies after a loss of stable housing.

Since 1957, the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) has been saving the lives of Maricopa County’s most vulnerable pets. Guided by their Ethical No-Kill Philosophy™, AHS saves thousands of pets every year through a system of care that includes AHS’ trauma hospital and intensive care units, comprehensive medical and foster programs, and behavior intervention programs. Their community-based model includes a Pet Resource Center, affordable veterinary services, proactive outreach, community support, and partner collaborations that keep pets in loving homes where they belong.

As Good as Gold - Golden Retriever Rescue of Illinois

Funded in 2017

A Grey Muzzle grant to As Good as Gold - Golden Retriever Rescue of Illinois helps to expand their work through Elsa's Fund. AGaG specializes in the care and rehabilitation of senior dogs with more significant and complicated health needs, allowing the shelters to keep healthy seniors for them to adopt.

Elsa’s Fund uses funds specifically allocated for medical costs of senior dogs, helping senior golden retrievers who lose their homes and providing them with care and rehabilitation to prepare them for adoption.

Read how your donations are making a difference here: 

as_good_as_gold.pdf (1012.11 KB)


As Good as Gold – Golden Retriever Rescue of Illinois is dedicated to the rescue, care and adoption of Golden Retrievers and golden mixes who are in need. In addition, As Good as Gold educates Golden Retriever guardians and the general public about the importance of spaying/neutering, positive training methods, diet and exercise, appropriate medical treatment and humane care.

grey hound dog

Asheville Humane Society

Funded from 2017 to 2022

The Grey Muzzle Organization’s support allows Asheville Humane Society to provide critical veterinary care for senior dogs in their community. By providing veterinary care for those who might otherwise not be able to afford it, they keep pets out of the shelter and in their homes with the people who love them most. GMO also helps AHS provide Adoption Care Packages for senior dogs waiting for their forever homes. The packages include needed medication, veterinary or behavior vouchers, or prescription food to help adopters care for senior dogs like Deohgee. 

Sweet senior hound Deohgee had been in and out of the shelter since 2019. To set his adopter up for success, the AHS Adoption Team provided an Adoption Care Package that included  a Freedom harness, treat pouch, and two months of medication and supplements. Thanks to The Grey Muzzle Organization, Deohgee is now living his best life with a new mom who loves him and lets him hog the bed!

Asheville Humane Society (AHS) rescues, reunites, rehabilitates, and rehomes thousands of homeless animals each year. They are dedicated to promoting the compassionate treatment of animals in the community through education, sheltering, and adoption. AHS operates the only open admission shelter in the county. They are there for animals who are lost, surrendered, neglected or mistreated, and who all deserve a loving family of their very own. They provide a soft bed, food, comfort, medical evaluation, medical treatment, vaccinations, and behavioral testing for each.

black lab smiling at the camera

Atlanta Lab Rescue

Funded in 2021

A grant from Grey Muzzle will supplement Atlanta Lab Rescue’s existing program for the rescue, adoption, and care of senior dogs. Each Atlanta Lab Rescue dog is examined by our veterinarians, has a comprehensive blood profile, and is updated on all vaccinations, spayed or neutered, and micro chipped. Health issues that require additional treatment are addressed prior to adoption Each adoption includes free access to our Atlanta Lab Rescue trainer because training is critical to helping a rescued dog integrate into a new family and become a wonderful, loving companion. 

Atlanta Lab Rescue (ALR) is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to identify and rescue Labrador Retrievers and large breed mixes of all ages from overwhelmed shelters and abusive situations and place them in secure, loving homes. ALR specializes in rescuing older dogs, heart worm-positive dogs, dogs with injuries, and those most likely to be euthanized. 

Bamboo Auburn Valley

Auburn Valley Humane Society

Funded from 2017 to 2019 and 2022

With the Grey Muzzle grant, AVHS will help cover the costs of crucial veterinary care (routine or urgent) that senior dog pet parents could not otherwise afford. Most owners want to do the best for their senior dog, but some feel they have no choice but to relinquish their pet when the cost of care is beyond their means. By keeping senior dogs healthy and in homes where they are loved, AVHS will reduce the number of older pups entering shelter.

Auburn Valley Humane Society (AVHS), since opening its doors in 2013, has become so much more than an adoption agency and spay/neuter resource.