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How we helped: 
Grant for keeping senior dogs with owners

A supporter contacted us about 10-year-old Connor, who was running out of time in a shelter in Wichita, KS. St. Louis Senior Dog project took him in, and Grey Muzzle paid for his medical expenses. Like many, this rescue involved lots of people in several states!

St. Louis Sr. Dog Project says, "He's a great dog. A real sweetheart." We're very glad he will get a second chance!

July 2009

In an amazing turn of events, Connor has gone home! Turns out Connor, actually Scotty, is a highly trained working dog and also a valued member of the family. His family was looking for him in all the wrong places! St. Louis Sr. Dog Project said, "I think they were all humbled and grateful to have him back, realizing how close he came to not making it out of the shelter at all." Not only is he now safe, but neutered and microchipped as well! The third picture on the left shows Scotty back with the family.

Not quite the way we usually do it, but a Grey Muzzle priority is keeping senior dogs with their families!

Connor laying down

Connor with litle girl