Tyson's Place Animal Rescue

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Tyson's Place Animal Rescue is a small, foster-based rescue whose mission is assisting terminally ill people with caring for and finding new families for their pets. As a result of their mission, almost all of their adoptable dogs are senior dogs. Tyson’s prides itself in providing thorough veterinary care to dogs in their care, so adopters know they are adopting healthy dogs. When people are terminally ill, there are many complex medical, financial, and emotional issues that take precedence over veterinary care for their dog. Tyson’s often takes into rescue animals that have gaps in veterinary care, sometimes years, and need significant medical care.

Funded from 2016 to 2017
How we help: 

The Grey Muzzle grant will help cover the cost of dental cleanings and blood work for senior dogs in Tyson’s program. This grant directly benefits the dogs by improving their quality of life and increasing their chances of adoption.

Small white dog with tan face sitting in the grass. the dog is licking its nose.