Top Dog Foundation

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Top Dog Foundation rescues and ensures safe, loving homes for senior dogs who otherwise face uncertain futures due to age and health issues. From its beginning in 2004, Top Dog set out to change at least two lives when saving a senior dog. When they adopt an elder pup into a senior citizen home, the health benefits for the senior citizen skyrocket. With Hoover’s Taxi Network, a volunteer effort that ferries dogs to visit their person in assisted living facilities, TDF helps senior citizens NOT have to say goodbye to a beloved companion. Their Pet Trust program helps people plan for when they can no longer care for their dog. To secure their dog’s future care, people may choose an adoptive home or a sanctuary setting as the final home for their dog. Top Dog follows the dog throughout life, ensuring quality of care. And their upcoming Top Dog Sanctuary embodies their vision to end unnecessary euthanasia. This state-of-the-art facility will ultimately house 120 senior dogs who may be difficult to place in private homes but can have quality of life with regular and skilled care. 

Funded in 2020
How we help: 

The Grey Muzzle Organization grant will provide diagnostic and medical treatment as dogs enter Top Dog’s care. Many dogs are surrendered when owners pass away or move to assisted living. Others arrive from shelters and rescue groups, and still others have been abandoned. In the majority of cases they have not received ongoing veterinary care. Top Dog’s commitment is to restore their health to the best level possible prior to adoption. Grey Muzzle’s support will help at least 14 senior dogs receive exams, medications, dental care and whatever else is needed by each individual dog.