Stop the Suffering

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Beginning transport operations as early as 2002, Stop the Suffering operates transport, sponsorship, foster and adoption programs for animals in need in rural Ohio. They assist all companion pets, but focus on animals overlooked by other groups, including seniors, pit bull type dogs, black dogs and hounds.  Their hearts are with senior dogs who are the ones most often left behind.  

Funded from 2018 - 2020
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With a Grey Muzzle grant, Stop the Suffering’s Senior Program will continue to increase the number of senior dogs receiving veterinary care, transport and adoption services from rural shelters. These efforts will help dogs like Maggie, a ten-year-old boxer, abandoned by her owner at rural shelter. Maggie needed significant TLC including surgery for a severely broken jaw and treatments for severe dental disease, ear infections, severe UTI, and arthritis. With her medical needs met, Maggie will have a wonderful outcome thanks to this program. Stop the Suffering looks forward to serving many more senior dogs like Maggie who deserve rest, relaxation and love in their golden years. 

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