Senior Spotlight

We envision a world where every senior dog thrives, and no old dog dies alone and afraid. Ensuring senior dogs find loving, forever homes is central to that vision. There are many benefits and reasons to adopt a senior dog, and we hope to show the world what incredible companions they are.

Here are some adoptable senior dogs located across the country. Please check in with each organization to learn more about how to adopt a shelter or rescue dog.


Gramma Tala

Tala is available at Frederick Friends of Our County Animal Shelter in Maryland and is a staff and volunteer favorite. She has been called the perfect dog! She came in as a stray and has been...



My name is Pepper and, despite how my name sounds, I'm sweet not spicy! I looove meeting new people and getting belly rubs! If you're not available, I also like to rub my own belly on the grass. Yep, I'm pretty adorable like that! I'm waiting for my...



Ella is such a good-natured and happy companion!  Things Ella enjoys include: any toy that squeaks, catching treat tossed to her, lounging on the couch, and telling her foster dad when it's dinner time. She delights everyone who meets her!...


Gabe is a super-friendly fox red Lab who’s a whiz at food puzzles! He’s an energetic and playful seven-ish years old who weighs about 60 pounds. Gabe came to us as a neglected stray who is quite the happy, handsome character now!...


Miss Cleo

Here's pretty Miss Cleo! A 15-year-old Pit Bull Terrier, Miss Cleo is the Betty White of the dog world...she is smart, vivacious, level-headed and full of life. She is very social, loves the limelight and will always bring a smile to your face. For a...



Meet handsome hound, Jett! Jett worked his entire life as a bear hunter and is ready to retire on your couch. Jett is fostered with other dogs and is learning all about indoor life! Jett is a velcro dog. After spending a lifetime at the end of a chain...



Meet Roscoe! This senior pointer is sweet as can be, and is taking visitors and stealing hearts at the Connecticut Humane Society’s Newington Pet Wellness and Adoption Center. Here’s some of what Roscoe has shared with CHS during his stay on the type of home he’s looking for:

  • I can
  • ...


Bullwinkle is a cute little boy. He's a little timid at first, but a couple of treats will quickly bring him close. He is happy to go out and about and is excellent on leash, keeping up a good pace though he only needs a short walk. He is very...



BIG FAN OF: Napping on soft things.

NOT A FAN OF: Sharing her living space with other dogs. She needs to be the only dog in her home right now. Children are also way too much for her,...



Todd came to LCHS along with seven other dogs from a multi-agency rescue. The dogs had been in a hoarding situation with dozens of dogs living in filth while also in the presence of dead dogs in the home. Sadly, this situation had gone on undetected for years and many of the dogs had experienced...

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