Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center

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Saving Grace, Inc. is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to the direct care of homeless, abandoned or neglected animals in Douglas County, Oregon.  As the county's only open-admission animal shelter, Saving Grace provides shelter, food and medical care to thousands of animals each year. Since its founding in 2001, Saving Grace has transformed from simply sheltering, returning and adopting strays and owner-surrendered pets, to a full-service organization. Myriad programs support responsible pet ownership, promote humane education and help pets remain with their families.  

Funded in 2020
How we help: 

Poor dental hygiene is one of the most prevalent and expensive medical problems that prevents adoption of senior pets. Dentals often involve double-digit extractions, but bring new youthful energy to dogs who had been living with painful infected teeth for years. The Grey Muzzle grant will allow Saving Grace to purchase new dental equipment and train a veterinary assistant in its use. Saving Grace expects to accommodate 30 dentals per year, helping these dogs get adopted faster and building capacity to accept more senior dogs with dental needs from other shelters. More than 300 senior dogs will receive proper diagnosis cleaning and extractions over the expected 10-year lifespan of the equipment.