Pets in Need of Greater Cincinnati

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Pets In Need of Greater Cincinnati provides subsidized, comprehensive veterinary care to make it possible for low-income pet parents to keep their pets healthy, safe, and in a loving home. Their clinic is the only resource of its kind anywhere in the region and serves the entire Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana tristate area. 

Funded in 2019
How we help: 

Pets In Need of Greater Cincinnati feels a special concern toward senior clients who have senior pets. For many of them, their pet is the only consistent source of comfort and support. Funding from The Grey Muzzle Organization will allow senior pets to get preventive screening bloodwork for only $5.00 as part of a regular well-check visit. This is a service that would be recommended for senior pets at a private veterinary practice, but one that couldn’t otherwise be provided without grant funding to underwrite the majority of the cost. The grant will help pet families like Joyce and Snowy Biscuit. Joyce is an 86-year-old widow who lives alone on disability benefits and Snowy is her 15-year-old devoted companion. She says, “he’s my life. He keeps me going.”

Dog's name: 
Snowy Biscuit
Little white fluffy dog
Funded Year: