Carole King

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How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Carole King was rescued by Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue from a high-kill shelter in Georgia. From the minute they met her, they knew she was a special, older lady, and she needed someone to take the time to get to know her. Carole King was heartworm positive and her eyes were a mess. But Badass was not deterred by her medical needs, thanks to a grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization. They loaded her up into their transport vehicle and transformed this Southern Belle into a Yankee.

Once in Brooklyn, Carole King underwent heartworm treatment and had her eyes examined. She needed daily drops to keep them moist. After a short while, she was well on her way to being healthy. But, it was soon discovered that Carole King did not enjoy the company of other dogs. So Badass helped her overcome another hurdle and began the process of teaching her socialization. She met with trainers regularly and her dedicated foster parents helped her learn how to control her excitement when meeting other dogs, as well as how to read their signals so as to not be rude. After a number of months, Carole King finally made her first canine friend! They went on walks and lay around the apartment together.

After eight months of promoting Carole King to potential adopters and with no prospects in sight, Badass reached out to Suzie's Senior Dogs for help. And help they did! Carole King had three dedicated promotional cross-posts just for her…and finally, it worked!

It may have taken Carole King 14 months to find her humans but she did thanks to many people working together and not giving up on her. Grey Muzzle, thanks to you, is proud to support groups like Badass that work tirelessly to save senior dogs. Carole King was adopted by a wonderful couple and has a cat and a turtle as siblings. She is also continuing to work on making new dog friends.