Mr. Poppers

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How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Mr. Poppers, a 13-year-old dachshund, is able to stay in his home with his person and has a clean bill of health, thanks to a grant from the Grey Muzzle Organization and the work of the Diana Basehart Foundation.

He recently had a full dental that included 15 extractions! The poor guy’s teeth were in a terrible state, but his loving owner is a senior on a low, fixed income and could not afford a dental procedure. Thanks to YOUR support and the Diana Basehart Foundation’s Smiles to Go (before I sleep) program, Mr. Poppers got the care he desperately needed.


Mr. Poppers' human companion is 76 and has outlived her husband, children and siblings. Mr. Poppers is her whole life. After his dental tune-up, she said that Mr. Poppers is like a different dog, or, actually, he's more like his puppy self. She walks with a cane and she can hardly keep up with him now that he's feeling so fantastic.

Thanks for supporting Grey Muzzle and helping dogs like Mr. Poppers stay with the person who loves him the most.