Coco and Mootsie

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How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Coco, age 14, and Mootsie, age 12, are two lovely Maltese/poodle mixes who found their way to Tyson's Place Animal Rescue in Michigan when their human companion, who is in his 80s, had health problems that put him into a nursing home. A Grey Muzzle Organization grant was used for desperately needed dental work for the girls--a medical concern that is often a major barrier to adoption for senior dogs. Poor Mootsie had severe dental problems and required a three-hour procedure to remove 18 teeth! Coco had four teeth removed during a three-hour procedure, along with a cherry eye surgical correction. 

Both dogs are currently recovering but remain their happy selves--Tyson's place reports that they love sunbathing outside in the warm weather. Tyson's Place hopes to find a forever home for Coco and Mootsie together, as these devoted sisters nap together, snuggle, and groom each other. As soon as they are fully recovered from their medical procedures, they will be professionally groomed and ready to impress! Without all the infection in their mouths, they will regain energy and will be able to live out the rest of their lives as healthy as possible, thanks in part to Grey Muzzle supporters who made their medical grant possible.