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How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

This sweet, nine-year-old, long-haired Dachshund mix has had some drama in his life. In his younger years, Puzon was attacked by another dog who severed his esophagus, which has made it difficult for him to eat ever since. Then as a senior dog, the only family he’d ever known was moving and surrendered him to Anchorage Animal Care & Control instead of taking him along.

As you can imagine, such a life change was very stressful for Puzon. Because of his eating issues, his need for dental work and some skin issues, Kitty and K-9 Connection was contacted to take Puzon into their foster program. Of course, they said yes!

Once in the comfort of a foster home, Puzon immediately attached himself to his foster dad. He followed him everywhere and became his truck buddy - the two enjoyed their many long trips together very much. Puzon's easy-going, gentle nature endeared him to everyone. When it was determined that he was healthy enough for anesthesia and a dental, a grant provided by Grey Muzzle ensured that Puzon got the care he needed. Puzon was a much healthier, happier guy when his mouth was pain-free again.

Puzon enjoys life with a cheerful, gentle nature and is truly a devoted companion. He's such an easy guy to love and oh so handsome! After a while in foster care, amazingly Puzon was scooped up and adopted by a couple that fell in love with him immediately. It was a happy and tearful good-bye when Puzon left his foster parents, but luckily, they still get to share in Puzon's life.

This is Puzon out shopping with his ecstatic, new parents. They all look so happy! Thank you to everyone who gave this sweet guy a second chance.