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How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Hetzel is an older gal and has had quite the journey since being rescued by Brother Wolf Animal Rescue (BWAR) last October. She was one of the dogs evacuated from the Marion County Animal Shelter (South Carolina) in advance of Hurricane Matthew.

When BWAR conducted a Rapid Response emergency animal rescue operation in that area and took in Hetzel, they realized she had numerous health issues, some of which were being treated, and some not. Then, she went into a foster home and was, sadly, attacked by other dogs and suffered several additional injuries. She then went into foster care with a BWAR staff person.

Thanks to support from Grey Muzzle, BWAR was able to provide Hetzel the medical care and comfort she deserves. She ended up having surgery and had five mammary tumors removed! She also needed to be spayed and have an abdominal hernia repair. Her foster mom described Hetzel as “precious and loving life, food, treats and affection.” She began to heal and improve quickly after getting the TLC she needed from the BWAR staff, her foster mom and a veterinarian. And, of course, it’s all thanks to your generosity to Grey Muzzle and our partners.