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How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

At 15 years old, Coco found himself without a family. His owners were an elderly couple - the wife passed away a few years ago and the husband developed dementia. A few months ago, the husband had to move into a facility that did not accept Coco and no family members were able to take him in. What’s a senior Dachshund to do?

The family boarded him at a veterinary clinic and reached out to Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue. Proverbs 12:10 has received grant support from Grey Muzzle to support their senior dog programs. Thankfully, they were able to take him into their program and find him a new home. Proverbs offers a hospice program within their rescue program and they have several fosters/adopters who will specifically take in an elderly dog to live out the remainder of their life - no matter how long - in peace and comfort.

Here is a photo of Coco (back) in his foster home, loving his cozy couch blanket and his new buddy Maverick (front). His foster mom said: I've seen lots of tail wags, and even a spunky gleam in his little-old-man eyes.

Thank you for supporting Grey Muzzle and our network of amazing rescue partners to give guys like Coco the safety net they deserve and so desperately need.