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How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Shy was anything but. Look at those ears and that tongue! Despite being surrendered to the Humane Society of Warren County (Virginia), Shy was friendly and outgoing. An eight-year-old pit bull type dog, Shy’s owner could no longer care for her and her list of medical needs. When she arrived at the shelter, she was underweight, had a flea infestation, intestinal parasites and a large, pendulous tumor on her back leg. Think of the discomfort she must have been in!

It’s faces like Shy’s that make The Grey Muzzle Organization proud to partner with local shelters and grateful for our supporters like you. Thanks to a grant from Grey Muzzle, Shy was able to be seen immediately by a local veterinarian for a complete health assessment, including a blood work profile. These types of workups are very important for appropriately managing senior dog health, but at hundreds of dollars a piece, can be quite pricey.






Shy’s fleas and intestinal parasites were treated and the caring shelter staff worked to get her to a healthy weight. Once she had gained a few pounds, Shy went back to have her tumor removed. The veterinarian weighed Shy’s tumor after removal and was shocked to find out that it weighed almost three pounds! Can you imagine walking around with that on your leg?






While healing at the shelter, Shy thrived on a lot of attention and love. She went on local outings to government offices and even had her picture taken with firemen while she waited to find her forever home. Everywhere she went, Shy made friends.








We’re happy to report that this past December, Shy went home to a loving family. Thank you for making stories like Shy’s possible. Because of you, her big ears and happy tongue spent the holidays in the comfort of a home - something that all senior dogs deserve.