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A message from National Mill Dog Rescue founder, Theresa Strader

As I reflect back on 2016, there are certain dogs that stand out for one reason or another-- seniors whose bodies are ravaged from years of overproduction and confinement, the most timid dogs that are terrified of our touch, dogs that are sick or dogs that were in such horrible condition they were unrecognizable as dogs. These are the dogs that touch and break our hearts the most.

In June of this year, we were contacted by the Department of Agriculture in a neighboring state when they opted to shut a commercial breeder down due to exceptionally poor living conditions for the dogs. For years, I’ve worked on building collaborative relationships with state Departments of Agriculture to assist in situations like this one, so I was extremely pleased when we were contacted on this shut down. It was not easy for our rescue team to look past the conditions, but 114 dogs came home to a bright future on that rescue alone.

Colt was one of the dogs from this rescue. Seven years in a filthy outdoor pen, minimal contact with humans and inadequate medical care left him with significant issues. He was terrified of our touch, biting at us in defense; he was heartworm positive and generally in very poor condition.

Colt starkly represents the resilient, forgiving and kind nature of dogs, that essence of dogs that we all love, appreciate and connect to as their guardians. Colt reaffirms the importance of our work and fills our hearts with the joy of healing. 

Today, Colt is a different dog! Although still somewhat timid, the biting has long stopped, and he has a few favorite people whom he dearly loves and who dearly love him. He is in the final stages of heartworm treatment, his coat shines with healthy radiance and his tail wags like no other. Soon, Colt will be ready to go to his forever home.

Many thanks to the Grey Muzzle Organization and all of our supporters for allowing us to help Colt and the more than 11,000 other puppy mill survivors we have rescued over the past nine years. Our gratitude is truly immeasurable.