Tyson's Place Animal Rescue

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Tyson's Place Animal Rescue is dedicated to assisting terminally ill people with caring for and finding new families for their pets.

They assist people receiving hospice care by doing basic pet care duties, such as cleaning litter boxes and walking dogs, so that the pet can remain with the owner for as long as possible. They also set up a plan for the pet after the owner has passed away. If no one in the family is taking the animal, Tyson's Place Animal Rescue will arrange to have the pet live in a foster home until adopted.

Funded from 2016 - 2017
How we help: 

Grey Muzzle Funding helps Tyson’s Place pay for dental and medical costs for senior dogs.  

The average age of a dog surrendered to Tyson’s Place is 10.5 years old.  Since they assist terminally ill people, they face unique challenges in regard to veterinary care. Many of the original pet owners are ill or elderly and face a variety of medical, financial, and personal challenges, meaning vet care for the animals has often not been a priority. As a result, they encounter animals that haven't seen a veterinarian in years, which for an older animal means critical health care issues go undiagnosed and untreated.

Dog's name: 
Small chihuahua in a green harness laying on his back in the grass.