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How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

The report from the shelter was extremely grim—not only was Kumal more than 11 years old, he reportedly had a very serious spinal injury, had difficulty getting up and walking, and clearly was coping with a troubling neurological deficit. The Thulani Program of German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California was convinced that he was a hospice candidate, likely only to survive for a few months before passing to the Rainbow Bridge. 

But as Thulani reports, "Lesson learned—don’t jump to conclusions without gathering data!" With funding from The Grey Muzzle Organization, Thulani performed a complete neurological assessment on Kumal, and the results had everyone dancing around the room. His walking issue and neurological deficit resulted from an old, old injury that has healed; Kumal knows how to manage. The probability of any progressive deterioration is low. Best of all, Thulani could find no indications that he is in pain. Bottom line—Kumal just walks funny! 

Kumal now lives with his loving adoptive family on a large, redwood-covered property in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. Check out that photo of Kumal and his mom Eva, and tell us if he isn’t one of the luckiest dogs around! To quote Eva, “Here's Kumal on our first day together. He is adjusting so well and has already learned where everything is. He shows great happiness in being able to roam around our property and explore his new home.”