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How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Wiley was a stray who had been severely neglected. A grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization, made possible by our wonderful donors, helped Safe Harbor Lab Rescue pay for the medical care needed to prepare him for adoption. And adopted he was! Wiley has been a very busy boy—between making sure his parents get plenty of exercise, studying his English lessons, tweaking the dinner menu, and posing as a paw model, the seven-year-old is living the “life of Wiley!" 

Wiley's new mom writes:  

“I was beyond excited to get another dog after the heartbreak of losing my other Lab. When I first brought Wiley (a.k.a. "curly back" for the curvy fur on his backside) home, he lacked confidence, never barked, and was suffering from atypical Addison's disease. Boy, has he made a comeback! He’s lost eight pounds, gained muscle, and gets a healthy amount of exercise every day. He will gladly have something to say if you play with him. He nudges for a head rub regularly and demands his food with pumpkin or applesauce. When I first got him he didn't understand any English, but in just a few short months he's learned: breakfast, dinner, treat, walk, outside, good boy and bone. If you invite him on the couch when you're home he will ignore you; if you leave, he's on the couch all day even though he has a bed in every room! One of the cutest physical features of Wiley is his perfectly rounded front paws, much like a show dog. I was walking him one day and a photographer for a dog magazine snapped a shot of them; it's his claim to fame!”