News Department Volunteers

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The Grey Muzzle Organizations has volunteer positions open in our News Department! As a virtual organization, our newsletters are key to Grey Muzzle communicating with our supporters, donors, organizations, and senior dog caregivers that can benefit from our aid. Volunteering your skills in Grey Muzzle's News Department is a great way to help spread the word about Grey Muzzle's work and it's fun and instantly rewarding. We have 3,000 newsletter subscribers, more than 11,500 Facebook fans, and more than 2,200 Twitter followers who love to learn about the senior dogs who are helped by Grey Muzzle grants. Here are the details on the positions:

Newsletter Editor: Produces four e-newsletter per year. Picks themes and story ideas and assigns articles to volunteers. Gathers finished articles and photos of senior dogs and delivers to newsletter designer.
Newsletter Designer: Designs four e-newsletters per year using iContact software. Production period is approximately two weeks.
News Tracker: Monitors media, including publications, sites, and social media channels to track news from Grey Muzzle grantee organizations and Grey Muzzle Advisory Board Members in order for Grey Muzzle to share news items on our site, social media channels, and/or our publications. Also tracks media coverage of Grey Muzzle so we may share news about our own organizations. Routes news items to appropriate departments for posting and/or sharing.
If you're interested in these exciting volunteer positions, please contact Grey Muzzle via email or our contact us form