New Year, New Leadership For Grey Muzzle

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Julie Dudley, Grey Muzzle founder, with her senior dogThe Grey Muzzle Organization’s founder Julie Dudley is extremely pleased to announce that Jenny Kachnic is now serving as Grey Muzzle’s president. Kachnic has volunteered with The Grey Muzzle Organization since 2011 as a member of the advisory board and in October 2012 joined Grey Muzzle’s Board of Directors.

Kachnic is the author of the book “Your Dog’s Golden Years,” which is dedicated to Grey Muzzle, and she frequently works with senior dogs as part of her business, Canine Wellness, LLC, in Colorado, where she is certified in several alternative therapy techniques such as Reiki.

Jenny Kachnic
"We couldn't be more fortunate," says Dudley. "Running a nonprofit like Grey Muzzle is a balance of heart and business skills. I believe that Jenny has that important balance. With this transition, Grey Muzzle moves from its early stages as a founder-driven organization, to a new stage of maturity and development. I am thrilled to have Jenny leading us there!" Kachnic is honored to succeed Dudley, who served as Grey Muzzle’s president from 2008, when she founded the nonprofit organization, through 2012. 

“Through Julie’s vision and leadership the organization has grown steadily and awarded more than $250,000 in senior dog program grants nationwide,” says Kachnic. “I welcome the opportunity to help Grey Muzzle continue to grow, and I am confident that we will achieve new levels of awareness and outreach in 2013.” 

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