Grey Muzzle's Social Circles Blossom

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In March, Grey Muzzle's Facebook page welcomed its 10,000th fan! We'd like to thank Grey Muzzle volunteer Jessica Rothfuss, who's managed our Facebook page since 2009, for her continued great work in building Grey Muzzle's community online! 

"I found Grey Muzzle through a friend's Facebook post," shares Jessica. "After having three senior fosters (one hospice and two foster failures), I really developed a soft spot for grey muzzles. I love how passionate our Facebook followers are and love the stories that come from interacting with everyone." 

If you haven't "liked" us on Facebook yet, come join the fun! Also, follow Grey Muzzle on Twitter, where we raise awareness for homeless senior dogs, share Grey Muzzle's success stories, and provide helpful tips and resources for senior dog care.