Cool Summer Reads

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Your Dog's Golden Years, A Manual for Senior Dog Care
"Your Dog's Golden Years"

By Jennifer Kachnic, CCMT, CRP

Grey Muzzle Advisory Board member Jennifer Kachnic, CCMT, CRP, will donate a portion of the proceeds from her new book to Grey Muzzle and senior dog rescues around the country!

Kachnic, owner of Canine Wellness, LLC, in Colorado, assembled 20 canine experts to cover the stages of aging. The experts share therapies, treatments, and simple techniques for caring for the senior dog that embrace both veterinary and holistic practices. The physical aspects of aging are covered, including advice such as which lab tests to ask your vet for. The book also covers in depth the psychological aspects of caring for a senior dog, including dealing with anticipatory grief and loss.


Cover of Forever Paws"Forever Paws"

By Christine Davis
—Review by Grey Muzzle President Julie Dudley 

Many of us have cherished Christine Davis’s “adult fairy tales” including “For Every Dog an Angel.” Now we’re excited to offer “Forever Paws,” which is the companion book to "For Every Dog an Angel.” 

“I offer this little book for any 
animal lover who is missing a much-loved furry companion,” says Davis. “I hope you will be comforted by the vibrant colors and joyful critters … ” 

As usual, I needed a Kleenex when I opened our first shipment and read the beautiful book, but I was smiling, too.