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  • Switch looking rough upon arrival


    How Grey Muzzle Helped
    Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

    Sweet little Switch (formerly called Matrix) is a 10-12 year-old Maltese who lived in deplorable conditions with as many as 68 other dogs in an animal hoarder’s household in New York. The dogs were never able to walk around or be around people.

    When the hoarder’s house caught fire, it turned out to be a break for the animals because they were rescued and taken to the city’s Animal Care and Control and then divided up between different shelters and rescue groups. You can see the story of their plight in this TV news report. Switch or “Matrix,” as she was known then, is one of the dogs featured in the video.

    Animal Haven of New York City took 15 of the dogs, many of which were seniors. Four older dogs in this group, including Switch, were entered into Animal Haven’s “Executive Suite” program, which is sponsored in part by a grant from Grey Muzzle.

    The Executive Suite program allows Animal Haven to rescue senior dogs and keep them in their office area away from the noise of the shelter. It’s a calmer environment for older dogs. The time spent in the Executive Suite includes medical care, general rehabilitation and invaluable preparation for adoption. The dogs learned how to walk around for the first time and were eased into living around people as part of their socialization.

    Switch, the lovable senior Maltese, was adopted! Since October 2013 she’s been living the totally different life she deserves, enjoying her golden years with her adoring new mommy in Astoria, NY. Thanks to Animal Haven and Grey Muzzle, Switch and other seniors were given a hard-earned second chance!

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