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  • Snickers, a Golden Retriever, now deceased


    In Memory
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    Snickers came to Golden Retriever Rescue of North Texas (GRRNT) when his owner of 12 years passed away and the family did not want him. This probably had something to do with the baseball-sized, festering tumor on his side. He was taken to a local shelter to be euthanized, but the shelter worker on duty talked the family into releasing him to the shelter and they called GRRNT. He looked golden in his photos and while not quite all golden (the ears are a giveaway), his heart was golden so he came home to the GRRNT vet.

    Snickers came through the tumor surgery with flying colors and although the tumor was cancerous, the vet felt it was so slow growing old age would get to Snickers first. Given his age, his cancer, his wobbly hind end and massive gum infections, GRRNT decided that Snickers would be placed in the Permanent Foster Program, and he moved in with his foster family where has lived for the last year and a half.

    Snickers lives with five other dogs, a cat, and humans and does well with all. For the first six months with his foster family, his eyes remained fearful and wary. But they slowly thawed and he is now enjoying his senior years on soft beds with chew sticks. He loves his trips in the car, time spent in the dog park, and following his Mom around the house. His foster family makes sure he doesn’t exercise too much and gets daily pain medication. These days, the look in his eyes when his foster family comes home makes each day a treat.

    Grey Muzzle provides funding for the Permanent Foster Program at GRRNT.

    August 2009 Update

    The neurological damage in Snickers back legs finally became too much for him. He was sent on his way to the Rainbow Bridge, with much sadness. His foster family said even though he was a grumpy old guy, he left a big hole.
    You will be missed, Snickers.

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